Fall in Love After One Stay! 16 Popular Apartment Hotels in Osaka – Perfect for Family Trips and Travelling with Kids

Discover the perfect solution to small hotel rooms in Japan’s major cities! LIVE JAPAN presents a list of 16 popular apartment-style hotels in Osaka. Enjoy spacious rooms, kitchens with cooking utensils, laundry machines, and balconies for a home-like experience. Ideal for families and highly recommended with rave reviews on booking websites. Let’s explore these comfortable […]

Hokkaido Summer Travel Guide 2023: Spectacular Landscapes, Dazzling Nights, Water Adventures, Festivals & Essential Tips

Dive into the coolest summer getaway in Hokkaido, Japan’s northern gem! Explore breathtaking flower fields, indulge in creamy soft-serve from local dairy farms, conquer thrilling river rafting adventures, enjoy vibrant summer festivals, and so much more. Hokkaido’s regions each have their own summer magic waiting to be discovered. Our guide is packed with must-visit attractions, […]

Mt. Fuji: The Path Less Traveled

If you’re thinking about climbing Mt. Fuji this summer, you’re far from alone. Fuji-san is the most climbed mountain in the world—more than 300,000 people make the ascent each year—the vast majority during the official hiking season from early July to early September. Trails are packed and you’ll seldom experience a moment of quiet amidst […]

Adventure Travel World Summit in Hokkaido

The Adventure Travel and Trade Association (ATTA) will host their first Adventure Travel World Summit in Asia Sept. 11-14 in Hokkaido, Japan. Outdoor Japan caught up with ATTA Director Shannon Stowell to find out more about what makes this the gathering of the year for the adventure travel industry and how it continues to grow […]

Apartment Checklist: 5 Things To Remember Before Traveling in Japan

Going on an extended vacation? Make sure you’ve got these things covered before you leave. See more videos on our Gaijinpot Youtube Channel—and don’t forget to like, subscribe and hit that notification bell for more weekly videos about Japan! Average Rating No rating yet You should log in to submit a review.

Ashikaga Flower Park Travel Guide

The Ashikaga Flower Park first opened in 1968 and now spans 94,000 square meters (23 acres) of land approximately 74 kilometers north of Tokyo. The park is famous across Japan for housing a 150-year-old wisteria tree which has been designated as a national monument by the Tochigi Prefecture. In addition to this amazing natural wonder, […]