Kansai-Ben: 18 Fun Kansai Dialect Phrases To Use When Visiting Osaka!

Of all Japan’s dialects, the Kansai dialect, or Kansai-ben, is most well-known and likely the one you’ll hear of most often. Spoken often within comedy TV shows, it is an interesting, casual and intimate-sounding dialect. That said, even within Kansai-ben there are variations in words, sentence endings, and accents among the Kansai area of Osaka, […]

Visiting Shirakawa-Go: The Magical Village Straight Out of a Fairy Tale

Nestled in Gifu Prefecture’s Ono District lies Shirakawa-go, a captivating traditional Japanese village that has become a sought-after tourist attraction. Recognized for its historical significance, Shirakawa-go was bestowed the esteemed title of an Important Preservation District for Groups of Traditional Buildings in Japan back in 1976. The village’s reputation transcended borders in 1995 when it […]

Osaka VS Tokyo: Which Japanese City Is Worth Visiting First?

Coming to Japan for the first time comes with a difficult decision: where exactly in this amazing country do you go first? Osaka main image: martinho Smart / Shutterstock.com The two most popular answers are, of course, Tokyo or Osaka. These two cities offer everything you could want: iconic landmarks, amazing food, endless shopping, and […]

Sendai Daikannon Guide: Visiting One of the World’s Tallest Statues, in Japan’s North!

On the outskirts of Miyagi Prefecture's Sendai City looms the massive Sendai Daikannon (Huge Statue of the Goddess of Kannon), the main building of Daikanmitsuji Temple.
Standing at an impressive height of 100 meters (328 feet) and situated on top of a small hill, the statue can be easily seen from many places within Sendai City itself, including some residential estates!
Being greeted by this incredible sight immediately upon stepping out of home has led to a recent influx of excited discussions on social media, with input from residents ranging from “Totally unreal!” to “Like the final boss of a video game!”
While the giant statue is the most prominent landmark on temple grounds, there are other curious spots visitors may be interested in as well, such as areas that promote fulfillment in romantic relationships and more. Let's explore!
Main photo courtesy of Sendai Tourism, Convention and International Association
What sort of Kannon statue is the Sendai Daikannon?

Visiting Sendai in Autumn 2022: Travel & Weather Guide for September-November

Generally, the weather in Sendai in autumn is pleasant, with refreshing cool breezes and a mild climate. Autumn in Sendai is from around September to November, a period considered one of the best times to visit Japan in.
That said, Japan's Tohoku region is famous for cold spells even during fall, so you might want to take note of some tips about the region's climate and preferred clothing for the season from our writer, a local resident of the area.
We've even included a list of recommended tourist hotspots as a handy reference. Hopefully, this will allay any fears you may have about planning a trip here, and help you to focus on your Sendai sightseeing instead!
TOP image: Kapi Ng / Shutterstock.com
What's the weather like in Sendai throughout the year?
Sendai is the largest city in Japan's Tohoku region. Located on a low plain that opens up to the Pacific Ocean, the area enjoys many fair-weather days because of its proximity to the sea and is very tourist-fri..

Visiting Hokkaido in Autumn 2022: Travel & Weather Guide for September-November

Hokkaido is the northernmost region of Japan. Hokkaido in autumn gets very cold with temperatures lower than Tokyo and Osaka.
Here we’ll share all about the climate in Hokkaido in fall and the clothes you should wear at this time of year. In Hokkaido winter especially, you need to make sure you’ve got cold weather accessories such as gloves, scarves, and hats!
Hokkaido in Autumn (September to November): Overview
Fall landscape in Hokkaido
1. The temperature drops sharply from autumn through winter, and you’ll notice big temperature differences in the mornings and evenings.
In Hokkaido in autumn, the temperature falls quickly day by day from fall onwards. You’ll feel it getting colder at the start and end of the day as the temperature changes.
The morning and evening temperatures start to fall away in October, and in November it will sometimes be below freezing. Don’t get caught out by the change in season and the temperature differences over the day.
2. You need a coat and fleece from..