Known for its charming, retro appearance, Nakazakicho in Osaka is popular among locals and visitors alike for the unique vintage vibe it exudes. The fact that it’s conveniently located within walking distance from Osaka or Umeda Station is a plus as well!

Does this town sound intriguing to you? Here are some cafes, restaurants, and general stores that we highly recommend dropping by if you decide to take a leisurely stroll down its streets!

From comfort food that helps you wind down to retro items that will appeal to the collector in you, we’re confident you’ll find a shop in this list that will speak to your heart.

What’s Nakazakicho all about?

The laid-back town has an interesting retro-style street view and occupies the area surrounding Nakazakicho Station, which can be reached in 10 minutes by foot from Osaka or Umeda Stations. Many wooden buildings and buildings with tiled roofs can be seen throughout town, and plenty of traditional bricks-and-mortar shops are still in business here as well. All of these come together to give the town a very calm and reposeful atmosphere.

Interestingly enough, it seems like the cafes and general stores here clearly strive to fit the mood of Nakazakicho as well. Many are small, private shops, and as you go around exploring them, you can’t help feeling like you’ve found a space that feels at home. That’s just how cozy the whole place is! The general stores carry goods such as vintage Japanese products that can’t be found anywhere else, so each new discovery in one of these shops will feel personal and special.

As promised, here’s a list of five cafes, restaurants, and general stores that you absolutely have to visit if you’re in the area!

1. Kaya Cafe: Tofu tiramisu for the ages

Cocoa Tofu Tiramisu 500 yen, Shine Muscat Tofu Tiramisu 590 yen, Tofu Smoothie 700 yen (all prices excluding tax)

Kaya Cafe operates out of a small, renovated private house and is a hot favorite among local residents. Their signature item is a tiramisu made from cheese and tofu. The regular flavor is “Cocoa Tofu Tiramisu”, but the shop also features matcha or other seasonal flavors from time to time. These healthy treats are surprisingly filling and the reduced sweetness makes it especially popular among health-conscious ladies.

The tiramisu is served in a traditional Japanese masu, or wooden box and the result is simply adorable! Tofu makes up the dessert base, and because it isn’t heavy on the stomach even in generous helpings, this is the perfect snack to enjoy after a heavy lunch.

In this shop, orders are made at the counter and paid for in advance be…

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