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JR Tokyo Wide Pass: The One Rail Pass to Sightsee in Tokyo and Beyond (+4 Bonus Sample Itineraries)

So you think you’ve visited Japan so many times that you’ve probably already explored everything the Tokyo Metropolitan area has to offer? Then the JR Tokyo Wide Pass may be just what you need to rejuvenate your love for the region and slightly beyond!

The JR Tokyo Wide Pass gives you unlimited access to Shinkansen bullet trains operating within the applicable area for three consecutive days as well as regular trains on all JR East lines and most private railway lines in eastern Japan.

This is perfect for travelers eyeing places like Nikko, Karuizawa, or Izu which are slightly farther away from central Tokyo.

To help you get the most value out of this fantastic train pass, we’ll be sharing helpful information in this article about where and how to get your hands on one, scenic hotspots and must-try activities along the way, the nearest train stations to these attractions, how to transfer trains, the best seasonal destinations covered by the pass, and much more. Your journey starts right now!

What is the JR Tokyo Wide Pass?

This is a travel pass offered by East Japan Railway Company (commonly known as JR East) to those holding a non-Japanese passport. It costs 10,180 yen per adult (aged 12 and above) or 5,090 yen per child (aged between 6 to 11). It covers Tokyo City and the prefectures of Gunma, Tochigi, Saitama, Ibaraki, Yamanashi, Kanagawa, and Chiba.

Once activated, the pass is valid for three consecutive days. It allows its holder to take unlimited rides on JR Shinkansen bullet trains, limited express trains, and regular trains, where you can reserve seats if you like or take any of the free seats available.

The pass also gives access to all trains running on JR East lines and some private railways in other cities and prefectures. This is a dream pass you should consider if you’re planning to travel to any of the destinations mentioned above. You’ll appreciate the value and convenience it offers for your trip.

How much is the JR Tokyo Wide Pass?

JR Tokyo Wide Pass price
・Adults (12 and above): 10,180 yen
・Children (6 to 11): 5,090 yen

What areas & trains are covered by the JR Tokyo Wide Pass?

Map of Applicable Areas

*You cannot use express trains that both depart from and terminate at stations on Tobu Railway lines. You can only use the JR TOKYO Wide Pass on Tobu Railway lines if the train either departs from or terminates at a JR station.

About the JR TOKYO Wide Pass (JR Official)

JR TOKYO Wide Pass Travel Terms and Conditions (JR Official)

How to purchase a JR Tokyo Wide Pass

・Method 1: Purchase online from the JR East online train reservation page, then collect the pass from the ticketing counter you selected after arriving in Japan. Don’t forget to bring along your passport!

How to buy a J…

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