Discover the allure of Chiba’s exquisite beach resorts, where sun-kissed shores meet pristine waters!

Close to Tokyo, Chiba Prefecture has plenty to see and do. There are the seaside towns of Tateyama and Kamogawa, the nature-rich landscape of Nagara Town in the Chosei District, and the old-school cityscapes of Sawara, Katori that appear to have been frozen in time. Indulge in Chiba’s coastal charm and immerse yourself in a seaside paradise unlike any other!

1. Hanashibuki: Enjoy a secluded Chiba beach resort with fresh seafood dishes, and private onsen hot springs!

This Chiba beach resort rests along the Shiomi Coast where the atmosphere of an old fishing village still remains

Tateyama City, situated at the southern tip of the Boso Peninsula, boasts a delightful climate all year round, thanks to its picturesque location facing the Pacific Ocean. Just a short ten-minute drive from the city center lies Hanashibuki, an opulent beach resort in Chiba.

The closest station, JR Uchibo Line Tateyama Station, is about 2 hours from Tokyo Station, making it comfortably outside the city and yet extremely easy to access via public transportation. A free shuttle bus also runs regularly from Tateyama Station to the hotel (a reservation ahead of time is required).

Language barriers are effortlessly overcome as the friendly staff is proficient in English, Filipino, and Vietnamese, with translation devices available for other languages. Additionally, guests can enjoy the convenience of complimentary Wi-Fi throughout the premises.

Japanese Suite with an open-air bath where you can enjoy the seaside view from the top floor

At Hanashibuki, you’ll love gazing out at the blue sea spreading in front of you – scenery you can enjoy not only from the guest rooms but from the lounge and open terrace as well. On lovely, sunny days, chill out on the lounge’s open terrace and feel the gentle sea breeze on your skin as you look out over the blue waters of the Shiomi Coast.

The view from there is like a special seat in the sea. Choose from five types of ocean-view rooms according to your travel plans. There are modern Japanese and Western-style rooms, as well as suites with open-air views.

The open-air rotenburo bath in a large public bath where you can soak in warm waters while enjoying the aroma of the sea breeze

You can enjoy the Tateyama Shiomi Onsen at Hanashibuki, a hot spring whose waters well up from the inn’s premises. These sodium chloride-rich waters are believed to have a beneficial effect against neuralgia, muscle pain, and fatigue.

In addition to the large public bath with an open-air bath (no tattoos allowed), if you wish to drop by on a day trip, you can also enjoy a private open-air bath with a private room (starting at 3,500 yen / 45 minutes, tax included), complete with a garden where you can enjoy seasonal flowers.

Prepared with plenty of freshly-caught seafood and vegetables

Hanashibuki specializes in exceptionally fresh seafood…

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