The capital of Miyagi Prefecture, Sendai City is located in northeastern Japan's region of Tohoku. With easy access to and from Tokyo and other major cities, it's also a convenient travel base for a trip around Tohoku.
With the great fishing grounds of the Sanriku Coast and the spacious Sendai plains, suited for rice cultivation, it has gained a reputation as a treasure trove of food ingredients. Perhaps because of these traits, people from Miyagi Prefecture tend to be rather particular about their food!
Here, we visit a favorite local supermarket and introduce ten food items from their rich lineup that fully embody the characteristics of Sendai. While some make the perfect souvenir, others you'll want to enjoy in your hotel.

Ujie Supermarket: Sendai's Best Fresh Foods and Dishes

Photo courtesy of: Ujie Supermarket

Today we visit the Rifu branch of Ujie Supermarket, of which there are 32 total branches in Miyagi Prefecture, with four in Sendai alone. Rifu is a neighboring town of Sendai City, conveniently located 30 minutes away by car and 16 minutes by train from Sendai Station to Rifu Station via the Tohoku Main Line. The store is a 10-minute walk from Rifu Station. With a spacious area of 1,980 sq meters, this supermarket is notable for its impressive food lineup!

Fresh food items are the driving force behind Ujie Supermarket. From meat and fish to fruits and vegetables, each item is fresh and reasonably priced. The Rifu branch has not only a fresh food corner, but a bakery with fresh-baked breads, a sushi corner with seasonal fish, and even a confectionery corner full of local specialties. Plenty of people come to shop here every day.

Ujie Supermarket Rifu branch store manager, Mr. Sasaki Junichi

Mr. Sasaki Junichi, manager of the Rifu branch, is quite knowledgeable about the Rifu area. Today, he talks with us about special food items you'll only find in Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture.

1. Tokujo Makoron: A Light, Peanutty Snack

Tokujo Makoron (150 grams, 258 yen) is a specialty of Watanabe Seika, a famous Sendai confectionery company founded in 1914. This peanut pastry is a beloved treat of the Sendai locals. Born from the traditional Italian confectionery amaretti, it is said to be a precursor of the macaroon!

This peanutty snack is light, crispy, and melts in your mouth. As its flavor is simple, it pairs well with coffee and Japanese tea.

2. Sendai-fu: A Versatile Item You Can Simmer, Boil, or Stir-Fry

Although 'Sendai' is part of the name, Sendai-fu (298 yen for a pack of two) has been widely enjoyed throughout Miyagi Prefecture for many years. 'Fu' is a food primarily manufactured from wheat gluten, and Sendai-fu is a fried version of that. Boil it with vegetables, or a…

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