Have you always wanted to visit sunflower fields in Japan? Well, now is your chance to see some of the best places in Japan's midwest and what each gorgeous field offers. Known as 'himawari' in Japanese, sunflowers bloom during the summer months of July and August. Visiting sunflower fields can be a great day trip from Osaka and other areas to enjoy some fresh air and sunshine.
With so much fun for all ages, Japan's sunflower fields offer visitors the chance to enjoy nature's beauty, snap some gorgeous photos, and even get a bite to eat, too! Join us as we travel around Japan's midwest to see the prettiest sunflower fields and give you all of the need-to-know details!
*Flower blooming periods may change depending upon the year.
*Event dates, times, and details may change depending on the circumstances. After checking the latest information on each location's official website, please follow recommended health & safety measures when visiting.

1. Nanko Sunflower Field (Hyogo): An entire scene buried in yellow!

Located in the town of Sayo on the western edge of Hyogo Prefecture, the Nanko Sunflower Field can be found between 2-6 kilometers on foot from Harima-Tokusa Station, which is reachable from JR Himeji Station.
Between mid-July to early August, several sunflower fields planted in succession will bloom and paint the town in enchanting shades of yellow.
Each year, the local farmers diligently cultivate their collection of sunflowers, which take about 60 days to grow large to bloom from mid-July successively.
For 2022's iteration, there are plans to grow roughly 690,000 sunflowers across four districts, which will bloom during the Himawari Festival between July 16 and July 31.
There are also plans to hold a "World Sunflower Garden" and "Sunflower Maze," though on a smaller scale than in previous years. Check out the official website for the latest event information and blooming reports.

Health & Safety Measures
Staff wear masks, gargle, wash hands regularly, and monitor body temperature – Guests requested to wear masks – Temperature checks enforced – Social distancing measures in place

Nanko Sunflower Field
Around the Nanko Sports Park area, Hayashisaki, Sayo, Sayo-gun, Hyogo 679-5212
20-minute walk from Harima-Tokusa Station on the JR Kishin Line (Nanko Sports Park)
・TEL: 0790-82-2521 (Sayo Commerce and Tourism Division/Weekdays 8:30am – 5:15pm)
・Hours: 8:30am – 5:00pm
・Admission: 200 yen, elementary school children and younger are free
・Closed: Open every day during the event period

Sayo City Website

2. Ono City Sunflower Hill Park (Hyogo): A city of sunflowers in Japan!

The Sunflower Hill Park is located west of Kobe City alongside National Route 175. Reachable after a 35-minute bus ride from Ono Station, late July will see the park transformed into an assortment of roughly 380,000 hybrid sunflowers.
Visitors can take photos from benches in the middle of these gorgeous sunflower fields in Japan, yielding incredible, Instagram-worthy photo…

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