Just an hour and a half by train from Tokyo lies the Miura Peninsula, a fabulous resort area surrounded by seas and mountains, boasting delicious local delicacies made with fresh fish, seafood, and vegetables.
The Miura Peninsula has plenty of popular hotels filled with fun for the entire family, including spas, glamping, and of course, incredible ocean views, making it the perfect place for a hotel staycation! Here are 10 of our favorite spots!

1. Maholova Minds Miura: Satisfying hot springs and spacious sea view rooms

Maholova Minds Miura is a resort that overlooks Tokyo Bay. Located near the Miura swimming beach and a Keikyu railway station, you can see the Bōsō Peninsula on the other side of the bay, beautiful sunrises, and even Mt. Fuji on fair weather days!
Plenty of beach-goers swarm to the area during summer, and visitors also come between February to March each year to admire the 1,000 kawazu-zakura, a type of cherry blossoms that will bloom beautifully along the Keikyu Main Line tracks during sakura season.

The Miura hotel resort has a total of 300 guest rooms, ranging from large living quarters that can house up to 10 guests to royal suites, sky suites with high ceilings, and many others. Wi-Fi is available in all buildings and rooms.
Room prices start from 5,500 yen per night per person for just accommodation with no meals – perfect for travelers who are keen to find their own chow while out exploring!

There's also a unique floor where each room has a design theme. In addition to the original five themed rooms – the Asian Resort, Sakura (Cherry Blossom), Alice, Tiara, and Stylish Romance Rooms – they have since added two more: the Third Generation Baby Room and the Coca-Cola Room.

The main building contains a large bathroom facility, the Kur Park, and restaurants and shops you would expect to see in a building complex. Their large bathroom and open-air bath (men-only or women-only depending on the time) facilities use high-quality natural hot spring water that gushes out from 1,500 meters (about 4,900 feet) underground.
Kur Park and warm water pools are for guests who wish to splash about in a swimsuit, and these facilities are appealing attractions to many as well.

In the Tokyo resort, good food is always available. The all-you-can-eat meal packages are especially popular, since you can gorge on as much fresh vegetables and tuna directly from Misaki Port as your belly can take!
* Online reservation only: Reference fee per person from 11,000 yen (service fee included, consumption tax included, bath tax …

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