Vintage stores in Japan are in a totally different league from your typical “second-hand” shop. They sell rare, top-quality old clothes, antiques, and more, preserved in fantastic condition, and largely sold at high prices. Many boast one-of-a-kind, limited items that are next to impossible to find, making them irresistible to hardcore fashionistas.

Here, we’ll introduce 10 recommended vintage shops in Tokyo that you should check out!

Why You Should Visit a Vintage Shop in Tokyo

In Japan, vintage goods refer to products that are no longer being made and are difficult to find even at official stores, which have naturally grown rare and valuable. For fashion-obsessed Tokyoites, nothing beats the pleasure of finding such a one-of-a-kind item. Tokyo sets the standard for much of Japan and is a natural convergence point for vintage shops seeking to flaunt their carefully assorted collections.

1. AMORE Vintage

Omotesando Store

Even within Tokyo, Omotesando and Aoyama are practically synonymous with top-notch fashion. Both these neighborhoods are also home to AMORE Vintage, which boasts a stellar lineup of vintage items.

Their range includes rare, difficult-to-find bags, apparel, accessories, and shoes from brands like Hermès, GUCCI, Louis Vuitton, CELINE, Ferragamo, YSL, and Dior. The Omotesando store, in particular, specializes in only top-quality CHANEL items, which are scarce even on the international market, making it an essential stop for any collector. Even if you don’t purchase anything, popping in to see their remarkable offerings is worthwhile.

Aoyama Store

There are English-speaking staff working in the stores, and tax-free shopping is available, making AMORE Vintage a prime choice for international visitors to Japan.

AMORE Vintage omotesandou
CH building 1F, 5-1-15, Jinguumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
AMORE Vintage aoyama
parattsuino Omotesando 2F, 5-1-6, Jinguumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

2. AMORE Gentleman Omotesando

AMORE Gentleman Omotesando is a vintage shop in Omotesando specializing in menswear. They are the sister store of AMORE Vintage, and present an unrivaled stock of menswear, which is a surprising rarity in Tokyo’s vintage scene.

AMORE Gentleman’s valuable lineup includes over 1,000 carefully-selected goods from popular brands like CHANEL, Louis Vuitton, Hermès, as well as ROLEX, which are again uncommon at Tokyo vintage stores. It’s a one-stop shop for men seeking a truly special item that will stand the test of time.

English and Chinese-speaking staff are available, as is tax-free shopping.

AMORE Gentleman Omotesando
Fes Jingumae 5, 1F, 5-39-2, Jinguumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

3. DECOUVERTE Aoyama Store

DECOUVERTE is a shop selling old-but-gold authentic vintage gems from all over Japan and the world. It is run by the BAYCREW’S Group, the business behind many popular Japanese apparel brands, who have expanded into the vintage scene.

The …

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