There is so much to see in Japan's midwestern region of Kansai, and Osaka is the best place to base yourself to explore it! From beaches to sacred temples, nature escapes and more, Kansai has it all.
We have put together a list of 11 spots that make the perfect day trips from Osaka. So pack your day bag, and get ready to experience the rich nature and culture of Japan and the excitement of traveling, without having to stray too far from the city!

1. Harvest Hill: A Green Theme Park Full of Fun and Food!

Harvest-no-Oka, or Harvest Hill, is an agricultural theme park on a vast expanse of land. Seasonal flowers are always in full bloom, as the natural environment is carefully maintained throughout the year. It's the perfect day trip from Osaka to enjoy with family, especially if you have younger children.

There are also many experiences where you can interact with animals, such as milking cows, riding horses, and feeding animals such as sheep, capybaras, and rabbits. There is a playground, too, with all kinds of interesting activities, such as an aerial athletics adventure, a grass slide, and funny bikes that you can ride!

You can also enjoy hands-on experiences such as harvesting vegetables in the garden, making handmade ice cream and bread, and eating gourmet dishes.
・Time from Osaka (Umeda): 1 hr 21 min
・From Izumigaoka Station of the Semboku Rapid Railway, take the No. 6 Bus Line from the bus terminal to Harvest no Oka (Nankai Route Bus). You will arrive in about 20 minutes.
Covid-19 Countermeasures
All places in the park are thoroughly disinfected, and vinyl curtains are installed where needed. Masks are required in both indoor and crowded outdoor areas.

Harvest Hill
2405-1 Hachigamine, Minami-ku, Sakai City, Osaka, 590-0125
Admission: Adults: 1,000 yen; Students (junior high/high school/university/trade school), Seniors 65+: 700 yen; Children (4 and up): 600 yen; Children (3 and under): Free (All prices include tax)
Regular Holidays: (for 2020) Every Wednesday from December to February

2. Nishikinohama Beach Park: A Seaside Park with White Beaches and Green Pines

A popular seaside day trip from Osaka, Nishikinohama Beach Park attracts nearly 1 million visitors each year.
Inside the park are popular Osaka beaches, BBQ facilities, clamming areas, and sports facilities. The place gets its name, Nishikinohama (literally, "two-color beach"), from the white color of the sandy beach and the green color of the pine forests.

The picturesque beach and green park were selected as one of the top 100 sandy beaches with green pines in Japan. They are full of sights to see that will keep you busy from sunrise to sunset! On sunny days, you can even see Kansai International Airport, Awaji Island, Akashi Kaikyo Bridge, and the Rokko Mountains from the beach. This is definitely a fun place to visit as a family or with your friends!

You can also enjoy a BBQ at the rental facilities along the coastal …

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