When visiting Kyoto, many tourists like to rent a kimono or yukata and spend a day strolling around the historical sights.
In Kyoto, you can immerse yourself in Japan’s history and culture. This sightseeing mainstay offers traditional townscapes, and a unique atmosphere only found in temples and shrines.
Strolling around dressed in kimono will let you take your visit a step further and create a wonderful memory. Here, we will introduce 11 affordable kimono rental shops in Kyoto to make your dream a reality.
Main photo: Kyoto Aiwafuku Fushimi Inari

What to know before renting a kimono in Kyoto

Whether you're renting a kimono in Tokyo, Kyoto, or anywhere else in Japan, there are a few things to know before you go.
1. The price is mainly based on the outfit selection, accessories, how long you'll rent the kimono for, and package add-ons.
2. It typically doesn't take a lot of time to be fitted in a kimono. However, if you choose a plan that includes hair styling, it may take over an hour to complete your desired style. Be sure to check the shop's website or with the staff so you can help plan ahead.
3. Most rental shops let you come completely empty-handed. They will provide basic things like undergarments, socks, and sandals. Additional items, like hair accessories, bags, or hair styling, often are not included in the base price. Check the rental shop's website to see what's included.
4. While many shops accept walk-ins, you may run the risk of encountering a busy time. Reservations are advised as they help save hassle, and may be a little cheaper than a walk-in. Be sure to avoid being late for your reservation.
5. Many shops will store your clothes free of charge. Check shop websites to see their respective policies on suitcase/luggage storage.
6. Finally, kimono are offered for men, women, and children of all shapes and sizes. If you are particularly tall or wide, don't despair – but do be sure to contact a shop ahead of time to see how they might be able to accommodate.

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1. Rikawafuku: Kyoto kimono rental shop with a wide selection of antiques and original accessories

A four-minute walk from Kiyomizu Temple, Rikawafuku Kiyomizu is a Kyoto kimono rental shop with 300 unique kimonos you won't find anywhere else, from antique kimonos to gorgeous and playful designs with a modern flair. You can create a style that combines traditional kimono with modern, original, and handmade accessories.
At Rikawafuku, you can also have your hair styled to complete your fashionable look before doing some sightseeing in Kyoto!
Price plans include:

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