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11 Things To Do in Tamba-Sasayama – Japan’s Castle Town with 400 Years of History

Tamba-Sasayama prospered as a castle town over 400 years ago with the establishment of Sasayama Castle. To this day, traditional Japanese architecture, such as wooden shops and residences, still surrounds the remnants of the castle, sending visitors back in time to the Edo Period, when samurai and merchants still walked about. Many of these old buildings have recently been renovated into trendy cafes, restaurants, inns, and shops, which have been growing in popularity amongst Japan’s youth and families.

Tamba-Sasayama is renowned for its agriculture and abundance of food products, with specialties such as black beans, chestnuts, mountain potatoes, and gibier. While autumn marks the peak tourist season, Tamba-Sasayama is a year-round destination for Japanese food and culture. Conveniently located near Osaka and Kobe, this is one suburb of Japan you’ll definitely want to visit!

Introducing the Historic Castle Town of Tamba-Sasayama

Tamba-Sasayama is located in the central-eastern part of Hyogo Prefecture, right next to Kyoto Prefecture. Historically, the area was known as the Tamba Province, which included parts of both Hyogo and Kyoto Prefectures.

Tamba thrived as an essential transportation hub connecting the capital of Kyoto with the San-in region. However, it endured significant damage during conflicts that shaped its history.

Nevertheless, peace prevailed after Sasayama Castle was built in 1609, and the samurai culture flourished. In 2015, the town was designated as the first Japan Heritage site in the country, with the story “Tambasasayama Dekansho Bushi–Hometown Memories Passed Down in Folk Songs.”

As a result, Tamba-Sasayama has gained popularity throughout Japan as a place for visitors to experience the streets and traditions depicted in the lyrics of the songs.

In 1999, the amalgamation of four towns led to the formation of Sasayama City. The city was renamed to Tamba-Sasayama City in 2019. However, if you look at older maps, you’ll still find it written as Sasayama City.

Getting to the castle town from Sasayamaguchi Station

Sasayama Castle is about 5km from Sasayamaguchi Station. Buses, taxi stands, bike rentals, and car rentals are all available in front of the station for your convenience.
Buses / Rental Cars: Available at Sasayamaguchi Station West Exit
Taxi Stand / Rental Bicycles: Available at Shinoyamaguchi Station East Exit (Note: the bus stop here does not go to Castle Town).

Getting to the Sasayama Castle area

By Bus (Wing Shinki)Take a bus bound for Sasayama Office from No. 2 bus stop at Sasayamaguchi Station West Exit; get off at Nikaicho. Buses run from 7:20 a.m. – 8:15 p.m. (…

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