Ikebukuro, easily accessible by the Yamanote loop line, is considered one of the greatest entertainment districts in Tokyo. It is lined with shopping malls, music venues, game centers, and a plethora of places for anime-lovers to enjoy.
Ikebukuro is great for people of all ages, as well as families, because of its entertainment that stretches from aquarium to planetarium, museums to shrines, and endless dining options as well.
Not only is it easily accessible from central Tokyo, but it is also conveniently accessed from neighboring prefectures such as Saitama, making for a great day trip no matter where you are. From morning to night, there’s never a dull moment in Ikebukuro with its options at hand for anyone who comes through.
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1. Sunshine City

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Sunshine City is one of the greatest symbols of Ikebukuro. The four-building complex boasts shops and restaurants, as well as a plethora of entertainment. Sunshine 60, the main and tallest building, has an observatory 240 meters above ground that is more than just your typical high rise with impeccable views. There are often promotional events and campaigns that occur here as well.

Sunshine City in Tokyo's Ikebukuro: Deep Dive into Popular Spots for Dates, Family Fun & More!

2. Shopping on Sunshine 60 Street

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Sunshine 60 Street stretches for 200-meters near the East exit of JR Ikebukuro station, lined with a variety of shops for a shopping heaven experience on a lively street. It includes a cinema, arcades, cafes, restaurants, and retail stores from books to clothes, electronics to home goods, character goods to beauty supplies. There’s something for everyone, and if groups want to go at different paces, it’s easy to link back up after everyone gets a taste for their own shopping spree.

Sunshine 60 Street
1-12-8, Higashiikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo

3. Sunshine Aquarium and SKY CIRCUS Sunshine 60 Observation Deck

The Sunshine Aquarium is one of the main attractions; they are known for their cute penguins! What’s unique about this aquarium is that it is located on a rooftop, 40 meters above ground, and its theme is an “Oasis in the Sky”. The aquarium is known for its breeding efforts for ocean sunfish, bowmouth guitarfish, and various other large sea creatures.
It stays true to its “Oasis in the Sky” theme with seasonal events such as “Dance with zebra sharks” and “flying penguins”. Sky Circus is located inside Sunshine 60, which is different from the area where the aquarium is located. This area includes thrilling 4D and VR experience rides at the indoor amusement park, the Ancient Orient Museum, a planetarium, and a theater.

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4. Namco Namja Town

Namja Town is an indoor theme park. This theme park, also inside Sunshine City, is produced by Namco, a well-known Japanese video gam…

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