The largest city on the southern island of Kyushu, Fukuoka is a comfortable city with much more than delicious ramen to offer.

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1. Fukuoka City Museum

At the Fukuoka City Museum, you will find permanent exhibits on Fukuoka's history and folk cultures, theme-based exhibits on the history, customs, and culture of Fukuoka and Japan, and other special large-scale exhibitions.

The two most notable items on permanent display are the Gold Seal, believed to have been presented to Japanese messengers by then Chinese Emperor in the first century CE and now a designated National Treasure, and a large spear called Nihongo. There is also a Touch and Experience room that allows visitors to play with traditional musical instruments and toys.

Fukuoka City Museum
3 Chome-1-1 Momochihama, Sawara Ward, Fukuoka, 814-0001

2. Kirin Brewery Fukuoka

You can learn about the fascinating process of making one of Japan's most popular beers in detail and also get to taste the beer itself at Kirin Beer Park Factory.

Within the restaurant is Kirin Beer Farm, serving various kinds of delicious gourmet foods that match well with beer. An adjoining lovely flower garden of cosmos pleases the eyes of visitors every season.

Kirin Brewery Fukuoka
3601 Mada, Asakura, Fukuoka 838-0058

3. Hakata-Kawabata Shopping Street

Photo courtesy of Fukuoka City

Hakata’s oldest shopping street has about 130 shops lining a 400-meter long arcade.

Photo courtesy of Fukuoka City

This is the standard Hakata walking course, featuring gift shops selling traditional Hakata ningyo dolls and other items, shops specialized in Yamakasa goods, stores that offer products from the Genkai Sea, and ramen shops. On Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, and other days when special events are held, you can enjoy tasty Kawabata zenzai (red bean soup with mochi) at the arcade’s event space. Get there early because they sell out by 5:00 pm!

Kawabata Shopping Arcade
10 Kamikawabatamachi, Hakata Ward, Fukuoka, 812-0026

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4. Momochi Seaside Park

This is a park with an artificial beach north of Fukuoka Tower.

It is close to such landmarks as the public library, public museum, and Yafuoku! Dome. In the middle of the beach is also a bridal shop and restaurants (Marizon area). The beach is suitable for beach sports such as beach volleyball, soccer, and jet skiing.
At night, the lights of the urban night are reflected beautifully on the sea. This is one of Fukuoka’s most popular dating spots.

Momochi Seaside Park
2 Chome-902-1 Momochihama, Sawara Ward, Fukuoka, 814-0001

5. Ohori Park

Photo courtesy of Fukuoka City

The name "Ōhori" means large trench, and it derives from the fact that Kuroda Nagamasa, the old lord of Fukuoka, reclaimed the land facing Hakata Bay and built it as a trench for Fukuoka Castle.

Photo courtesy of Fukuoka City

The present park was reconstructed by Fukuoka City officials and reopened in 1929. This park is one of the most beautiful parks in Japan and is loved by local people as a relaxation spot. In addition, a huge summer festival is held…

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