The name Hiroshima may forever be associated with the destructive power of the atomic bomb, but the city of Hiroshima and Hiroshima Prefecture are today full of life and things to do and see. Here we'll have a look at 17 of the best things to do in Hiroshima.

1. Itsukushima Shrine

(Courtesy of Hiroshima Prefecture)

Named a World Heritage Site in 1996, Itsukushima has long been renowned as a holy island. With Itsukushima Shrine actually standing on the water, it provides a breathtaking view of the sea that looks truly spiritual.

(Courtesy of Hiroshima Prefecture)

The torii gate is placed out at sea, and during high tide, the shrine sits in the water, allowing for a pristine ocean view, while at low tide, people can walk right up to it. Visitors come to Itsukushima Shrine for a historical and cultural experience and see a spectacular sight rarely seen anywhere else.

(Courtesy of Hiroshima Prefecture)

Itsukushima Shrine
1-1 Miyajimacho, Hatsukaichi, Hiroshima 739-0588

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2. Atomic Bomb Dome

(Courtesy of Hiroshima Prefecture)

Almost directly above this building, the Atomic Bomb Dome, at 8:15 on August 6, 1945, the first atomic bomb in human history was dropped.

(Courtesy of Hiroshima Prefecture)

The Dome survived the blast, and today, thanks to the efforts of the residents, it stands as a tragic reminder of the devastation of war and atomic weapons. Thousands of visitors from abroad come every year to Hiroshima to see the Atomic Bomb Dome.
For a more in-depth education about the impact of the atomic bomb and the suffering caused by war, you can visit the Cenotaph for Atomic Bomb Victims and the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum nearby.

Atomic Bomb Dome
1-10 Otemachi, Naka Ward, Hiroshima, 730-0051

World Heritage Sites in Japan

3. Miyajima Machiya Street

(Courtesy of Hiroshima Prefecture)

While the Omotesando may be the bustling main shopping street of Miyajima Island these days, for a true taste of Miyajima, one must step back into the winding backstreet of Machiya.

(Courtesy of Hiroshima Prefecture)

This nostalgic avenue was the original main street of the island, and its history and culture seep through the multitude of cafes and art galleries lining old Machiya. A stroll down this street is a must during your visit to Miyajima.

(Courtesy of Hiroshima Prefecture)

Miyajima Machiya Street
Miyajimachō, Hatsukaichi, Hiroshima 739-0588

4. Hiroshima Castle

(Courtesy of Hiroshima Prefecture)

Hiroshima Castle is Hiroshima City's best-kept secret.

(Courtesy of Hiroshima Prefecture)

Located in the city's heart, Hiroshima Castle formed the backbone of the region's military history. The original building was destroyed by the atomic bomb in 1945 but rebuilt in 1958. The interior houses many artifacts detailing the history of the city and the castle, including a bunker from where Hiroshima made its first radio contact after the atomic bomb.

(Courtesy of Hiroshima Prefecture)

Hiroshima Castle
21-1 Motomachi, Naka Ward, Hiroshima, 730-0011

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5. Kenmin-no-hama Beach

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