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19 Best Hotels for Sapporo Snow Festival 2023: Places to Stay Near Odori Park/Sapporo Station

The <Sapporo Snow Festival|a=article:a1000230@> is one of Hokkaido’s most famous winter events! The 2023 Sapporo Snow Festival is scheduled to be held from February 4 – 11.

We have selected some of the best places to stay near the Sapporo Snow Festival. Located close to the Odori Park venue and Sapporo Station, these hotels will place you right near the sights. But that’s not all – these wonderful places to stay near the Sapporo Snow Festival offer perks like natural hot springs or buffets with tasty Hokkaido cuisine.

Given the Sapporo Snow Festival’s popularity, rooms tend to fill up fast. For flexibility, several of the accommodations on our list offer free cancelation, so you can lock in a good rate. Be sure to book your stay soon and enjoy an unforgettable holiday!

(Check with the linked websites for the latest rates, terms, and guest room details.)

Why you need to book a hotel early for the Sapporo Snow Festival

The Sapporo Snow Festival is a major Japanese winter festival in Hokkaido and in the country, which started taking place in 1950.

In 2019 some 2.73 million people attended, the largest since 1993 (when the event first appeared as we know it today).

The festival features a lineup of powerful snow sculptures in the city’s center, and the artistry, which is hard to believe is made of snow and ice, is also a feast for the eyes. In recent years, sound and light effects have been added to make the event all the more exciting. And with a skating rink and souvenir booths, visitors can enjoy themselves all day long at the venue.

About the 2023 Sapporo Snow Festival

Snow sculpture at the 2007 Festival

The 73rd Sapporo Snow Festival in 2023 returns after being canceled due to Covid for the past three years.

Since the festival was held online in 2022, many people are likely very excited to see the return of this popular Sapporo winter tradition.

For eight days, from Saturday, February 4 to Saturday, February 11, 2023, the Sapporo Snow Festival will be held at venues in Odori and Susukino. Here, visitors can enjoy five giant snow sculptures, plus small and medium-sized snow sculptures, snow sculptures made by civic groups, in addition to winter attractions and more! (If you have been to the festival before, note that the Tsudome venue will not be held.)

As health and safety measures, venue congestion information, basic infection control measures, dedicated viewing space, line management, and other measures will be implemented. For details, please check the official website below.

Sapporo Snow Festival Official Website

Here are some recommended hotels near the Sapporo Snow Festival e…

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