Chiba is Tokyo’s neighbor to the east, and it includes the popular resort area of Boso Peninsula, which is one of its largest areas within the prefecture.
While many may associate Chiba Prefecture with Narita Airport, Japan’s largest airport, and it being home to Tokyo Disney Resort, the prefecture offers so much more.
The beaches are popular for surfing, which brings a lot of surfers from neighboring areas for day trips or weekends. The mountains are ideal for hiking, and the mild climate and seas allow the production of many foods. Chiba produces many vegetables and fruits distributed all around the Kanto region and beyond; it also boasts of peanut production and soy sauce, as well as marine products such as sardines, among other products.
Here are some of the best things to do in Chiba!
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1. Kamogawa Sea World

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Located about two hours from Tokyo in Kamogawa, Chiba, Kamogawa Sea World is the largest and most popular aquarium in Chiba. Kamogawa Sea World is home to many unique marine animals, such as the beluga whale and majestic orcas. In total, there are 11,000 sea creatures from 800 different species. You can see many of the creatures perform in a variety of shows offered throughout the week. Additionally, this aquarium is home to Restaurant Ocean, the only restaurant in Japan where you can dine while watching orcas.

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2. Tokyo Disney Resort

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Just a hop and a skip away from Tokyo, Chiba is home to Tokyo Disney Resort, which consists of Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea, among other attractions within the resort. Spend anywhere from half a day to a whole weekend here, and you still won’t get tired of it. DisneySea is unique to Japan and includes rides and attractions that don’t exist at other Disney Resorts.

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3. Nomizu no Taki waterfall

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A waterfall that garnered worldwide attention a few years back, Nomizu no Taki is known for its dreamy landscape that often mirrors scenes depicted in Japanese cartoons. Though an artificial waterfall, its mystic look is one that cannot be copied in real life. Visit at the right time, and you’ll capture the sun shining through the opening, creating a glistening glow over the water.

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4. Hiking Mt. Tomi and Minamiboso

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This hike captures panoramic views of Tokyo Bay and Mt Fuji on a clear day from the southern part of Chiba. There are two peaks on Mt Tomi; Konpira Peak at 349.5 meters high, and Kannon Peak at 342 meters. It is part of the Boso Hill Range. You can enjoy a hike here with a local guide who will welcome you with rural hospitality.

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5. Enjoy a Forest Therapy Tour & Rotenburo Bath in Minamiboso

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Forest therapy – also known as “forest bathing” – is a Japanese …

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