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19 Fun Things to Do in Narita: Recommended Tourist Attractions, Shopping, Dining, and More near Narita Airport

When you hear “Narita,” many people immediately think of Narita Airport, known as the gateway to Tokyo. However, the city of Narita itself has its own charms worth exploring! From shopping for souvenirs at Aeon Mall, visiting Naritasan Shinshoji Temple, famous for its grilled eel dish, to experiencing the thrilling sensation of planes passing by at a nearby observation park, there are many recommended spots to enjoy.

Here, we will introduce recommended fun things to do by category such as shopping, dining, and leisure, uncovering the lesser-known charms of Narita City and its surrounding areas.

More Than Just an Airport! Discover the Charms of Narita and its Surrounding Area

Narita City and its surrounding areas in Chiba Prefecture are known for their charming old temple town, Naritasan Shinshoji Temple’s Omotesando, and the historical district recreated in Boso no Mura. The streetscape is rustic and evokes a sense of traditional Japan. Additionally, there are large-scale shopping facilities such as Aeon Mall Narita and Shisui Premium Outlets, allowing visitors to enjoy sightseeing, shopping, and dining all at once.

Narita City, in particular, offers convenient access from Narita Airport and Tokyo, making it perfect for those who want to explore a tourist destination for half a day before leaving Japan or have some spare time before or after their flight. It’s a great opportunity to make the most of your time!

Hidden Japan: Amazing Traditional Area Often Overlooked by the Airport

Getting to Narita from Tokyo

Narita is primarily serviced by Japan Railways (Narita Station) and Keisei Electric Railway (Keisei-Narita Station). Both are one station ahead of the airport stops.

The sightseeing portion of the Narita area is easy to get around on foot, bus, or train. For convenience, it may be easiest for many visitors to first get to Narita Airport, store luggage there, and then backtrack to Narita Station.

Getting to Narita Airport by Train
The train stations at Narita Airport are Narita Airport Terminal 2・3 Station and Narita Airport Terminal 1 Station, which are both on the JR and Keisei lines.

The Keisei Skyliner offers quick access to eastern Tokyo, namely the Ueno and Asakusa areas. JR offers convenient access to eastern (Tokyo Station) and western Tokyo (Shinjuku Station), and rides are covered under the JR Pass.

If you plan to visit tourist spots around Narita Airport, many of them can be reached within a 10 to 30-minute ride on these two rail lines, making it convenient to stop by before or after your flight.

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Taking a Bus to Narita Airport
The benefits of taking the Airport Limousine Bus include …

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