Stay at a traditional Nikko ryokan and get the full Japan experience! Just north of Tokyo, Nikko is a tourist haven with scenic sites. Since Nikko is also one of the best hot spring areas in Kanto, it would be a shame to simply stay the night without indulging in what the region has to offer!
Enjoy some quality time in an accommodation that comes with quality hot spring facilities, delicious cuisine, and majestic views at one of these luxurious Nikko ryokan!

1. Asaya: Nikko ryokan with romantic hanging gardens, open-air baths, and impressive vistas

Asaya is a large Nikko ryokan, or traditional Japanese inn, located in Nikko's Kinugawa hot spring town and has been in business since 1888!
The open design of the third to 12th stories of the building is absolutely worth a second look, especially when viewed along with the resplendently decorated lobby. You would be forgiven for thinking you've somehow wandered into a live-action setpiece for the fantastical Studio Ghibli film, "Spirited Away"!
In this Nikko ryokan, there are two wings with vastly different design schemes. The Hachibankan wing has a tranquil Japanese motif, whereas the Shūhōkan wing exudes a flamboyant flair.
All guest rooms are connected to hot spring waters, so you can basically have your own private onsen hot spring without ever leaving your room! Some rooms even come with open-air baths or baths that overlook the beautiful landscape outdoors.

This is a Japanese and Western guest room with an attached landscape bath on the top floor of Shūhōkan wing. The room comes adorned with Tochigi's traditional woodcraft lattices known as Kanuma-Kumiko.

Hot spring facilities here make use natural spring waters from a private source, filling up four large pools. They also offer four types of baths that can be booked for exclusive use, like a jetted rub in the common bath area, a nano-mist sauna in Hachibankan's women-only common bath area, and a silky bath that produces ultrafine particle bubbles.

Aoba no Yu, the women-only common bath area in Shūhōkan

What we would really recommend you try is the Hanging Garden Open-Air Bath on the 13th floor. This is the highest hot spring bath you'll find in all of Kinugawa! There's even an interesting tub that's made from a repurposed boat usually used for Kinugawa river cruises.

Bathe in pleasure surrounded by beautiful mountains and starry night skies

The buffet at this Nikko ryokan is a spread of more than 100 types of food from Japanese, Western, and Chinese cuisine. Some counters with items like pasta, steak, tempura, or something else also offer on-the-spot cooking, ensuring you always receive freshly cooked hot meals.

The dessert and salad corners are replete with colorful options

Why not try something new while you're here? Since the Nikko ryokan also has other facilities such as bedrock bathing, massage parlors, video games arcades, and karaoke booths, it's entirely possible to …

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