In Otaru hotels have been popping up in Hokkaido's port city, which is seeing recent jumps in the numbers of visitors from abroad.
Given the many historical buildings located along the scenic Otaru Canal, fine food, and delicious local sweets and seafood, there's no wonder Otaru is a prime destination. You can get to Otaru from Sapporo City by train in just 35 minutes.
While Otaru is a great day trip from Sapporo, you need to spend the night in order to really dig into the fantastic scenery and nightlife the city offers. Here we'll introduce 3 perfect hotels in Otaru with great locations, amazing views, and at reasonable prices!
* Article information is as of the date published. Prices and contents are subject to change.

1. Otaru Furukawa Hotel: Classic onsen ryokan hotel near Otaru Canal!

The Asakusa Bridge, a small beautiful bridge over the Otaru canal, is a minute walk from Otaru Furukawa Hotel

This Otaru ryokan has a classic Japanese building style and is located across the highway from Otaru Canal. While you enjoy seeing the illuminations of the surrounding buildings, you can relax at the footbath near the hotel entrance.

The lobby and front desk reproduce a merchant house of the Meiji period

The foot bath you can use while you’re sightseeing

Otaru Furukawa Hotel has 38 rooms of various types you can use depending on the style of your trip, from a solo traveler to a family, so that it suits a variety of people.
We recommend the Standard Twin Rooms on the canal side and the Twin Rooms with wooden deck.
The wide windows overlook the Otaru Canal and the night view where the street lights sparkle is quite romantic. Besides that, there are luxury rooms such as Japanese-style ones on the canal side with hot springs and Japanese-style rooms with cypress baths.

The canal side twin rooms from the 5th floor to the 7th floor.

The 21 square meters of the Japanese-style room with the cypress bath

The cypress bath from the Japanese-style room

There are two public onsen hot springs in Otaru Furukawa Hotel. They are alternated Gentlemen and Ladies depending on the day. “Ichi-no-Yu,” which is on the first floor, uses Otaru freestones on its bathtub. “Ni-no-Yu” is on the second floor and uses a wooden bathtub. Both have open-air baths. You can “rent” a whole hot spring for an extra cost if you want to have your own hot spring.

The picture above is “Ichi-no-Yu”. You can enjoy seeing the beautiful and organized garden.

The open-air bath from “Ni-no-Yu”

The breakfast is a buffet style made with some carefully chosen ingredients from Hokkaido.
The dinner has 3 courses in which all of them use seasonal ingredients. Since it has many options, it’s better to check them out on the web site in advance.

Whether you prefer western-style or Japanese-style food, you can choose which to have.

The "Light Lounge" is a community and relaxation room with unique lights and stained glasses. It's open for 24 hours.

You can drink coffee for free from 6 am to 12 am.

1-2-15, Ironai, Otaru-shi, Hokkaido

2. Hotel Nord Otaru: An elegant Western-style Otaru hotel with a gorgeous canal view

The dome on the top is a landmark of the Otaru hotel in front of the canal

Hotel Nord Otaru is in a straight way from Otaru Station toward Otaru Canal. You will find it easy to find thanks to its unique-shaped roof dome on the top of this Otaru hotel.
Nord means "north" in Italia…

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