Hokkaido is known for its beautiful seasonal landscapes, with gorgeous autumn scenery in a multitude of places. Every fall, tourists flock to these famous spots to see the colors, but why not bypass the crowds and enjoy the scenery in your own space?
Here, we introduce three carefully selected Hokkaido ryokan and luxury hotels with stunning autumn views you can enjoy right from your own room!

1. Kuriya Suizan: 14 Guest Rooms with Peaceful Autumn Views

A hideaway Hokkaido ryokan inn in Jozankei

Jozankei is a hot spring resort located about an hour's drive from downtown Sapporo. With its easy accessibility, it is sometimes called the "backstreets of Sapporo."
Its long history begins in 1866 when the Ainu people introduced the springs to Buddhist monk Miizumi Jozan. The area was named Jozankei in his honor, after he laid the foundation for the hot springs in the area.
Currently, it has developed into one of the leading hot spring towns in Hokkaido, where plenty of hotels and inns abound.
A Warm Japanese Welcome the Moment You Step Inside

Rooms are decorated with chic, calming colors. Each room has a beautiful view of the autumn leaves.

Japanese hot spring inns tend to accept group guests, but Kuriya Suizan is located far from the hotels. It takes about 1 hour by car from central Sapporo to Kuriya Suizan. A free shuttle bus also departs from Odori Subway Station, Exit 1.
One feature of this Hokkaido ryokan inn is the relaxing atmosphere, with its 14 guest rooms and accommodation of guests ages 13 and above. They also have English-speaking staff to accommodate foreign visitors (although English-speaking staff may not always be on the premises).
The inn's theme is "a place where you can enjoy food," so naturally, it also offers delicious cuisine and a dining area designed by the chefs of Dai-ichi Hotel.

Blissfully soak in the hot springs while taking in the colorful autumn scenery

Especially in autumn, the Sadayamakei Onsen area is surrounded by stunning foliage, and all guest rooms overlook the autumn leaves. Over half of the rooms in Kuriya Suizan also have hot springs. Enjoy a luxurious soak as you take in the beautiful colors of autumn!
Autumn Arrives in Style

Open counter seats where you can watch the chefs cook and serve food

Kuriya Suizan's dishes and dining space were designed by the chefs of Dai-ichi Hotel, with the inn's theme being "a place to enjoy food."
Each guest room is decorated with books showing their foods and cooking methods, including 'Rikyu-ni,' a dish simmered in sesame, a favorite ingredient of tea master Sen-no-Rikyu, and 'Supponkou-ni,' a dish boiled in sugar and soy sauce, giving it a dark color and luster. Take a look through the book and try to guess what's on today's menu!

Dine on delicious delicacies after viewing the autumn leaves


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