In Japan, fall is also nicknamed the 'Autumn of Appetite,' which means you'll want to view these scenic foliage views while enjoying a delicious meal!
For this article, a writer from Sapporo has carefully selected three Sapporo restaurants with scenic views that will delight both your tastebuds and your eyes as you dine in an open space surrounded by the beauty of nature!

Autumn leaves start changing color in October in Hokkaido, located in the northernmost part of Japan where temperatures are relatively low. Roadside trees are dyed in reds and yellows, turning the whole area around Sapporo into a palette of autumn hues. It truly is the thing of dreams!

1. Hakkenzan Kitchen & Marche: A Chic Restaurant Surrounded by Nature

A winery nestled in a quiet place looking up at Mount Hakkenzan. Photo courtesy of Hakkenzan Kitchen & Marche

Hokkaido is currently one of Japan's leading wine-producing regions. Because grape crops prefer cooler climates, chilly Hokkaido is the perfect place for wine crafting, with new wineries popping up one after another!
As its name suggests, Hakkenzan Winery in the Minami Ward of Sapporo is located at the southern foot of the famous scenic mountain, Hakkenzan.
Although its official name is Kannoniwa-yama, it has earned the nickname Hakkenzan (literally 'eight swords mountain') from its peaks resembling, you guessed it, eight swords!
It is located 30-40 minutes by car from central Sapporo. Fruit trees are cultivated all around Hakkenzan, and many visitors come for fruit-picking and horse-riding experiences on the weekends.
Unique Japanese Wines from Local Hokkaido Ingredients

A wine field extending as far as the eye can see. Photo courtesy of Hakkenzan Kitchen & Marche

Hakkenzan Winery stepped into viticulture with the intention of commercializing the regional brand, Sapporo Wine, on a trial basis in 2008. Official work began in 2011.
In addition to your basic red, white, rosé, and sparkling wines, there are also unique wine products such as fruit wines made from Hokkaido pears and prunes, collaborations with Sapporo University, and wine aged in a dam tunnel in Minami Ward.
An Array of Delicious Local Ingredients

Hayashi Rice, with plenty of locally produced and consumed ingredients. Photo courtesy of Hakkenzan Kitchen & Marche

Kitchen & Marche is set on the premises of Hakkenzan Winery. It is a 30-40 minute drive from central Sapporo, and you can easily get there by taxi from Makomanai Station.
No reservations are required to enjoy the cuisine of Kitchen & Marche. Seats are spaciously arranged on the terrace with Mount Hakkenzan towering right before your eyes.
The fruits and vegetables used in the kitchen are all wholeheartedly grown by local farmers. The fresh eggs and naturally-fed pork are also produced in Minami-ku, Sapporo.
Local vegetables and pork…

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