Hokkaido’s capital, Sapporo, is home to some of the finest foods in the whole of Japan. While seafood, dairy, and ramen are popular foods, you can also find comfort in some of Sapporo’s cafes. When you are feeling a little peckish and want to relax from the city’s hustle and bustle, cafes offer the perfect retreat.
From the chic to the unique, this curated café list includes a variety of spots to get your caffeine fix. Relax with a cup of coffee and some small treats at these four cafes in Sapporo!

1. Poool

Coffee counter and seating view from the entrance

Poool opened in August 2021 and is a trendy and stylish cafe, located next to Sapporo Station. Part of the CO&CO company, the CEO, Rieko Nishio, aims to “Make memories meeting people from around the world by creating a community”. “The looping in Poool’s logo is designed to convey the connection of people.” The ground floor is an open cafe and co-working space, while the second floor is part cafe and private working space. The mix of people studying and working is the perfect place to connect to people from around the world, all while enjoying some coffee and sweets.

Bookshelf available to read or purchase

The ground-floor cafe has an open and stylish interior. The cafe counter is located in the center, acting as the hub of the shop. To the left is a selection of books to read as well as merchandise available to purchase. To the right, there are counter seats to work and study semi-privately. At the back of the cafe, there are more lounge-like tables, perfect for group work or meetings.
On some occasions, featured artist’s work are hung across the shop’s interior, which is also available to purchase. “The artist’s paintings help inspire and create our customers who are working,” Nishio explains. Poool also holds live painting events, where the featured artist creates a new artwork, whilst interacting with staff and customers.

Seating area

The menu has an extensive list of drinks available, all made in-house. From various espresso drinks to hot chocolate, there is something for everyone. There are two types of coffee blends available – mild and dark. The former is lighter, refreshing and well-balanced, whilst the latter is deeper and darker in taste. The cafe lattes (550yen regular and 600 yen for large, tax incl.) come with beautiful latte art, using Hokkaido milk. You can choose which blend you would like for your coffee, each pairing perfectly with the creamy milk. For something equally refreshing, they also have store-made craft cola (500 yen, tax incl.), orange juice (500 yen, tax incl.), and lemonad…

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