Blessed with both gorgeous sea and lush mountains, Awaji Island is a popular getaway in the Kansai area and known for its resort atmosphere. For your next fun trip to Awaji Island, we’ve picked out four hotels and ryokans you should stay in.
With great locations where you can gaze at the beautiful sunset, a smorgasbord of delicious food made from all natural ingredients, and hot springs to rest yourself from your journey, we’ve picked up a list of different types of accommodation options! Each one is equipped to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

What kind of place is Awaji Island?

Awaji Island (also known as Awaji-shima) is an island connected with Kobe to the north via the Akashi-Kaikyō-Ōhashi bridge, and with Tokushima to the south via the Ōnaruto-kyōbridge.
Filled with lush nature and greenery, Awaji Island is a popular resort, with beautiful flowers throughout the seasons, local specialties such as Awaji Island onions, octopus, and Awaji-gyū beef, amongst a treasure trove of other gourmet foods.
With excellent access from the Kansai area, you can access Awaji Island via highway bus from Kansai International Airport, which takes three hours, and it’s recommended to visit it together with other cities like Osaka.

1. Awaji Island Hotel Lodge GREEN COZY: A small hotel with many multipurpose spaces

All seventeen rooms in the Awaji Island hotel are suitable for use for families with children or even for solo travelers

Formerly a series of motels, the buildings were renewed, keeping the one-garage-one-room concept, transforming into the new hotel, Awaji Island Hotel Lodge GREEN COZY.
The former garage space was renovated and turned into all-weather multipurpose spaces for each room. One of its unique traits is that it allows you to have a barbecue right in front of your room, even on a rainy day!
Bring in your own food ingredients for a barbecue, and enjoy your time in the spacious rooms

If you’ve brought in your own food ingredients, rent barbecue equipment for a small fee to have your own barbecue party!

When having a barbecue at the multipurpose space, you just have to bring in your own ingredients. You can immediately start grilling up a feast once you’ve arrived, as all the equipment has already been set up!
Once you’re done, the grills and leftover trash will be cleaned by the hotel staff, too, making it incredibly convenient. The food you’ve brought in can be prepared in the shared kitchen.

A twin room in its own building, perfect for two to four people. There’s a multipurpose space in front of the guest room too.

All rooms come with queen-sized beds, and it’s a cozy space to relax in. The bathroom, toilet, and vanity counter are separated, allowing you to relax comfortably in the spacious room. Besides this, staff who can speak conversational English are available as well, so do visit with peace of mind.

Countermeasures against Covid-19
Cleaning, disinfection, and sterilization of facilities in the building / Disin…

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