When booking a Hakodate hotel, be sure to stay at one with a private onsen! Take advantage of Hakodate's famous hot springs by staying in the Yunokawa Onsen area.
The following are popular, conveniently-located Hakodate onsen hotels with large bath areas, and which have amazingly luxurious breakfasts!

1. La Vista Hakodate Bay: Ranked #1 in Hokkaido for “Hotel with Delicious Breakfast”

La Vista Hakodate Bay is located in the Bay Area, where the famous sightseeing spot, the Red Brick Warehouse, is located. This area is a convenient location with great shopping and dining options.
Also, it is within walking distance of the Motomachi area, another popular sightseeing spot for its churches and Western-style buildings.
Since there aren’t many particularly tall buildings in the area, this Hakodate hotel provides a spectacular view of Hakodate Bay and the city.
Especially the natural onsen hot spring located on the top floor, “Kaikyo no Yu,” has a great view of Mount Hakodate and Hakodate Bay.
This Hakodate onsen hotel also offers baths such as Hinokiburo (Japanese cypress bath), Toukiburo (ceramic bath), and Taruburu (barrel bath), in all of which water flows directly from the source for an enjoyable experience.

La Vista Hakodate Bay has an onsen with excellent views

One of this Hakodate hotel’s highlights is breakfast. The hotel has ranked in 1st place for seven years in a row in Hokkaido’s “Top Japanese Hotel Breakfasts Ranking” on TripAdvisor.
The breakfast includes both Western and Japanese dishes that use plenty of seafood caught locally in Hakodate. A popular option is the kaisendon seafood rice bowl, where you can add as much ikura (salmon roe) and shrimp as you want.

One of La Vista Hakodate Bay’s highlights is breakfast

La Vista Hakodate Bay's room interiors are designed in the Taisho-era style and are equipped with Simmons beds. Single beds are semi double-sized and spacious. Also, the double and twin beds are Japanese style ones that are closer to the ground. Some rooms combine Japanese and Western styles with beds and tatami matting.

La Vista Hakodate Bay's room interiors are gorgeous

La Vista Hakodate Bay
Toyokawa 12-6, Hakodate, Hokkaido

2. Winning Hotel Hakodate: Superb View of Hakodate Bay and the Bay Area

Winning Hotel Hakodate offers splendid views of the bay area

A symbolic hotel sitting in front of Hakodate Bay and in a convenient location for shopping at places like Kanemori Red Brick Warehouse (Youbutsukan) and Bay Hakodate. Also, there are popular dining facilities near the hotel.
We strongly recommend Restaurant Winning, located on the 7th floor, which offers Hakodate cuisine for lunch and dinner made with local ingredients. The restaurant has a great view of Hakodate Bay and the Bay Area, and the night view is very romantic. Below is a picture of the shoukatou bento.

The single guest rooms are spacious and offer a great view of Mount Ha

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