Bright yellow sunflower fields are a source of happiness during the hot Japanese summer! Here we will introduce five spots in the Kanto region to see this beautiful and iconic summer flower.
The best time to visit sunflower fields near Tokyo is from late July to August. The spectacular sight of a field of yellow sunflowers against a bright blue sky will leave you exhilarated! You can find them in Tokyo's residential areas and in farms and parks located in Tokyo’s suburbs. Why not enjoy summer by visiting some sunflower fields?
*Flower bloom times differ every year.
*Depending on the situation, the date of the event and its contents are subject to change. Upon making your way to each venue, please make sure to avoid crowds and take careful countermeasures against Covid-19.

1. Himawari Garden Musashimurayama: Tokyo's Largest Sunflower Field Will Leave You Smitten!

These sunflowers healthily facing the sun are growing healthily. (Photo: PIXTA)

Himawari Garden Musashimurayama, located in a residential area of Tokyo, is the largest sunflower field in the city. Here around 100,000 flowers bloom. From July to August, it’s become a tradition for Musashimurayama City to welcome the many people who visit this popular spot.
Once at the sunflower field, you can enjoy watching large sunflowers compete for space as they bloom. What’s more, the fact that it’s only an hour away from Shinjuku Station by train makes it all the more attractive.

(Photo: PIXTA)

You can find approximately ten varieties of sunflowers throughout the park, including the hybrid sunflower and big smile sunflower. Also, the Claret sunflower with its burgundy, black, and wine-red coloring as well as Monet’s pallet with its diverse mix of red and yellows are definite eye-catchers.
Offering views that will soothe your soul, this field has somewhat of a nostalgic atmosphere to it. Even with continuous days of hot weather in Tokyo, visiting this field will leave you feeling refreshed. There are also sections of the park that will tug at your heartstrings. It’s said to be a good omen if you find these spots as a couple!

Best time to view: mid-July
Scale/Number of flowers: Approximately ten varieties and 100,000 flowers
Himawari Garden Musashimurayama
Period: From July 23rd 9:00a.m. (scheduled) *The dates and times are subject to change depending on when the sunflowers bloom.
Admission: Free *Parking costs 300 yen per vehicle.
Closed: Still to be confirmed
*The event may be canceled or content may change depending on the situation. For updates, please visit the official website.
Health & Safety Measures
Sanitizer installed – Guests are required to wear m…

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