Enjoy an action-packed afternoon of watersports in Hokkaido! The nature-filled area around Sapporo is a perfect place where you can enjoy a variety of fun activities, from kayaking to rafting, cruising to canyoning, and more.
Some of the more popular areas to visit on a day trip include Chitose City and its Lake Shikotsu, plus Jozankei Onsen, Otaru City, and Furano City. Here we will share five fun water activities you can do in the green season and how to book your own experience.

1. Lake Shikotsu: Clear Kayak on Translucent Waters that Offer Spectacular Views of the Scenery Below!

▲”Clear Kayaking” is an activity offered by Lake Shikotsu Ocean Days. (Photo: Ocean Days)

Located in midwestern Hokkaido, Lake Shikotsu, is one of Japan's clearest and purest lakes.
Surrounding this magnificent body of water are hot spring villages, camping grounds, and a trail that wraps halfway around the lake's bank.
Around a 40-minute drive from New Chitose Airport (1 hour by fixed-route bus) and a 70-minute drive from central Sapporo, it's an easily accessible sightseeing spot whether you're based in Sapporo or just flying into town.
When driving up to Lake Shikotsu Onsen, it's standard to park at the adjacent public parking space (500 yen per car, free parking from December until the following March).

▲Lake Shikotsu boasts the third largest surface area in all of Hokkaido. (Photo: Ocean Days)

Lake Shikotsu offers a variety of activities such as canoeing, kayaking, SUP, paddle boats, and sightseeing cruises.
But the number-one recommended activity to enjoy at Lake Shikotsu Onsen’s facility, Ocean Days, is clear kayaking!
Once you settle into one of the kayaks, you’ll be greeted by a striking view of Lake Shikotsu’s waters! Not only does this activity offer glimpses of swimming fish, but you’ll also love the lakebed scenery as well.

▲A view of the kayak taken by an underwater camera! (Photo: Ocean Days)

After you’ve checked in at the front desk and changed, an introductory lecture on how to paddle is given, making the activity friendly for even beginner kayakers! What’s more, with English explanations available, non-Japanese speakers can also partake comfortably.
Once the lecture is over, you will be guided towards Chitose River’s bank, which flows out of Lake Shikotsu, and get ready to board!
Starting further up the river allows for a smooth transition into the lake, enabling you to enjoy paddling with ease! Another perk is that one of the instructors will be snapping photos throughout the tour!
(*For safety reasons, kayaking will be limited to the river if the lake’s waves are too high. Also, depending on the situation, it may be challenging to offer photo-taking services.)

▲A big perk of this activity is being able to enjoy both river and lake scenery! (Photo: Ocean Days)

Ocean Days has received a plethora of raving reviews. Some of which include:
"The und…

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