Recently, glamping has become all the rage among nature-lovers in Japan! This outdoor activity offers luxurious resort-style stays in tents and cottages. What's more, it doesn't require any setup or food prep, letting you enjoy all the best parts of camping without the usual hassles!
We will introduce glamping facilities that are easy to access from Osaka and Kyoto, such as Awaji Island's Grand Chariot Hokuto Shichisei 135° and Iseshima's scenic Kabuku Resort. Stay in a stylish tent or cottage while delighting in delicious cuisine, hot springs, and other various activities!

1. Kabuku Resort (Mie Prefecture): Relax your body and mind with extravagant BBQ and Finnish sauna

Nearby Ichigohama – a secret beach spot among surfers in Kansai!

The entirety of Mie Prefecture's Shima City can be found inside Ise-Shima National Park. Scattered in and around this city's bay is a series of islands.
Here also lies the nature-rich glamping complex, Kabuku Resort. Situated a mere 15 minutes away from Kintetsu Railway's Ugata Station, it's right next to Ichigohama – Strawberry Beach!
In April 2022, Kabuka Resort reopened as a wellness retreat-enabling its guests to enjoy overnight glamping as well as day-stay BBQ trips.
In addition to offering free usage of its pool and skateboarding area, each tent comes with its own sauna! Made with Owase Hinoki cypress, these original saunas are also available to those staying just for the day.

Each tent has its own Finnish sauna

This facility is offering a one-night, two-day package deal to commemorate its renewal.
With meals and a sauna included, deals start from 23,000 yen per person (each tent fits two to four people, and packages are 30% off until June 2022)!
Though sauna temperatures are maintained at a lower than usual 60 to 70 degrees Celsius, you're sure to work up a sweat when partaking in Löyly – a method of creating steam by throwing aromatic water on hot stones.
This package also comes with a drum can bath experience! These are enjoyed by filling a drum can with water, starting a fire, and waiting for it to heat up until it's time to bathe.
With staff helping you build the fire and the facility lending you all necessary supplies, it's a fun activity that even beginner campers can enjoy!

A BBQ pergola protected by a plastic curtain

For the BBQ, fresh ingredients fished by an Ama diver through freediving, as well as one of Japan's finest beef brands – Matsusaka beef – are prepared!

In taking countermeasures against Covid-19, a pergola has been prepared for guests to enjoy their BBQ dinner safely! Here lies a spread of freshly caught seafood, beef, chicken, and miso paste-covered pork.
Furthermore, you can make mini mayo and corn pizzas on a cast-iron skillet using stones from the sauna (this cooking class is available until June 2…

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