Hokkaido is one of the best places to try out an auberge with a Japanese twist. An auberge is a French-style inn and restaurant focused on great food, usually found in the countryside. The ones we'll look at here pride themselves in the finest ingredients and their beautiful locations surrounded by nature.
The chefs use their impressive skills to make the most of local ingredients and produce delicious courses you won't soon forget. We've picked out five popular, highly-rated auberges in Hokkaido that you'll be itching to visit! So let's look at what awaits you in Japan's north!

1. Hidaka: French and Italian fusion at Hidaka Auberge Natural Resort Hygeia

Illustration of the Summer Dinner Course (Photo: Hidaka Auberge Natural Resort Hygeia)

Nestled in the greenery of Shinhidaka, Hidaka Auberge Natural Resort Hygeia is an auberge based around the concept of "Nouvelle Hidaka Cuisine." "Nouvelle cuisine" generally refers to modern or creative cuisine that focuses on the freshness and presentation of the ingredients.
In the case of Nouvelle Hidaka Cuisine, the dishes are made with locally-produced Hidaka ingredients. It is a concept created by the Hidaka Auberge Natural Resort Hygeia, and many of their vegetables are grown organically on-site.
The facility is surrounded by luscious forests and mountains, as well as their vast garden with grazing horses. By night you can gaze at the starry sky, unhindered by city lights. Its exquisite course meals and location surrounded by nature are what make it so popular.

Hidaka Auberge Natural Resort Hygeia. Say hello to their two horses, and maybe give them a pet! Photo: Hidaka Auberge Natural Resort Hygeia

The Hidaka region is on the Pacific coast in the south-central part of Hokkaido and is famous for its race horses as well as Hidaka kombu (kelp), which is considered among the best.
Hidaka Auberge Natural Resort Hygeia's cuisine incorporates French and Italian culinary techniques and uses local ingredients such as vegetables grown without pesticides, Hidaka kombu for its superb stock, locally sourced fish, and beef raised on land rich in minerals from the sea breeze.
To take advantage of the freshness and umami of their homegrown vegetables, the chef carefully arranges his masterpieces that look and taste divine.

At breakfast you can enjoy their home-cured bacon and homegrown vegetable salad. (Photo: Hidaka Auberge Natural Resort Hygeia)

The menu itself changes with the seasons, but the dinner course is usually a set of 11 dishes. It starts with aperitifs, amuse-bouches, and appetizers. But then it moves on to two fish dishes, which is a characteristic you won't usually find elsewhere. After a palette cleanser, the course moves on to the meat dish, followed by dessert and coffee to finish.

An example of an appetizer. On the left, ratatouille with "Aiko" (tomato) and on the right, a lamb ham. (Photo: Hidaka Auberge Natural Resort Hygeia)

An example of a meat dish. Salt-roasted lamb. (Photo: Hidaka Auberge Natural Resort Hygeia)

You can also visit just to enjoy the restaurant, but if you want to enjoy some …

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