Yokohama's Minato Mirai area is where you'll find Yokohama Stadium. With capacity for around 30,000 people, this is home to sporting events, music concerts, and more. Minato Mirai is also home to huge convention and event spaces like PACIFICO Yokohama and Pia Arena MM.
When your event's finished, don't let the fun stop there! Our selection of places to stay includes hotels offering party plans, spaces for groups of friends to get together, and even rooms with huge TVs!
Even if your event happens to be at Nissan Stadium or Yokohama Arena – both of which are in Shin-Yokohama – you can get to this area very easily.
And the best part is, all of the hotels in our list have convenient access to train or subway stations.

1. Forest Hotel Pasela: Offering everything you need for an Oshikai Party!

Forest Hotel Pasela offers a stay as though you are at a resort surrounded by forest! It’s about a 30-minute train ride from the Yokohama Arena, adjacent Shin-Yokahama Station, and a five-minute walk from JR’s Kannai Station.
In Japan, there’s a concept called oshikai – a meetup where fans get together to support their favorite artists, athletes, or celebrities.
All hotels produced by Pasela have an oshikai package, letting you enjoy extensive facilities perfect for a get-together with friends or a girl’s night out!

We highly recommend the Overnight Oshikai Package that comes with free-flow drinks and breakfast! There are over 200 options for dinks, including both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, an array of appetizers, and options to bring food from outside or have it delivered. For breakfast, there's a buffet-style menu with various sandwiches and salads that can be brought back to the guest rooms for privacy.

Each guest room has a large 55 to 65-inch TV so that groups can enjoy watching their favorite videos together! It also provides everything you need for an oshikai party, including a toutoi button (which lights up and says “Toutoi!” – meaning “adorable” or “precious”), glow sticks, remote controls for each guest, a sketchpad, and rentable drawing supplies.

This package even comes with Pasela’s specialty of honey toast with options to attach edible message cards when celebrating anniversaries and the like.

The interior design is Bali-inspired! With some guest rooms attached with a luxurious dry sauna, a stay with friends or family is sure to be an extraordinary experience! We highly recommend it for parties with friends and celebrating birthdays.
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・TV Size: 55-65 inches (*size depends o…

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