Japan's northernmost island of Hokkaido is the perfect destination for travelers seeking a different side of the country. Home to some of the country's most breathtaking scenery, this land also avoids the kind of sweltering summertime humidity found further south, making it a prime destination in the warmer months.
Enjoy a relaxing getaway while being able to connect with locals, by staying at a holiday rental. As many traditional-style Japanese homes have been renovated into holiday rentals, you can enjoy a unique experience first-hand. Plus, staying close to local residents and exploring the city from their perspective will give you an insight into the area you might not get otherwise.
Read on to hear our recommendations for vacation rentals in Hokkaido.

1. Hakodate Classic Hotels: Relax at the historic Western-style hotel in Hakodate

The renovated old Wajima residence (Photo courtesy of Hakodate Classic Hotels)

Hakodate opened its doors to the world as a trading port in 1855. Consulates of the United States, Russia, and the United Kingdom subsequently opened, leading to an increased number of international residents and a flourishing of Western culture and architecture.
On the outskirts of the city, Goryokaku even incorporates Western-style architecture.
Goryokaku is the star-shaped fortress that is a famous tourist destination in Hokkaido. Not only are there beautiful night views and great food, but there are also many attractions nearby, such as Onuma Park and Matsumae Castle.
Hakodate is the kind of city that has so much to explore, you won't be content with just a day trip here!
That's where Hakodate Classic Hotels comes in. Located at the foot of Mt. Hakodate, the hotel renovated the former Wajima residence, built in 1915 in an eclectic Japanese and Western style. It reopened in July 2017 as a single rental hotel (maximum 8 people).

A great location for sightseeing in Hakodate

It was officially designated as an "Important Structure for City Scenery Formation in Hakodate," and it nicely conveys the atmosphere of Hakodate of the time.
Located about a 5-minute walk from Hakodate Tram's Hakodate Dock-Mae Station, it is close to Mt. Hakodate, the Kanamori Red Brick Warehouse, and Hakodate Morning Market.
One guest noted, "The house is lovely and has everything you need. There are four bedrooms big enough for seven people. I love the atmosphere." And there are many other similarly happy customers leaving positive reviews.

A relaxing yet refined atmosphere in the living room (Photo courtesy of Hakodate Classic Hotels)

There is a distinctly Japanese atmosphere on the first floor, completed by the Japanese-style latticed bay windows and sliding doors.
Of course, the dining room h…

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