Cheap hotels in Japan are often equated with what’s known as “business hotels,” accommodations known for their reasonable prices, excellent access, and good service. Many visitors to Tokyo will look for the cheapest hotels that have minimal options, to save their budget for food and sightseeing.

Even though weekends and holidays may cause spiking prices, booking your hotel in Japan at the right time will result in big discounts and unbelievably low prices, even right in the heart of Tokyo.

To make navigating Japan’s business hotels easier, we have compiled the major chains that can be found all across the country and listed their features, pros, and prices.

1. Toyoko Inn: Japanese Business Hotel Chain

Toyoko Inn is a collection of basic Japanese business hotels that embody the concept of a modernized version of traditional Japanese guesthouses known as “station ryokan.”

This chain comprises approximately 260 hotels situated throughout Japan, with a significant presence of 39 hotels in Tokyo alone.

Among these, five are located in the Asakusa/Ueno area, while ten are conveniently situated around Tokyo Station and Nihonbashi, with numerous others scattered around prominent train stations and popular sightseeing destinations.

True to its motto, each Toyoko Inn ensures excellent accessibility, always positioned in close proximity to train stations or airports, and additionally provides a complimentary shuttle bus service for its guests.

2. APA Hotel: Excellent location, cheap hotels in Japan

The APA Group manages approximately 170 urban-style business hotels throughout Japan, alongside 147 partner hotels. In Tokyo alone, there are 51 locations that cover major areas including Ginza, Roppongi, and Asakusa, as well as quieter spots like Tsukiji, Kiba, and Sugamo.

Each of these affordable Japanese hotels offers an average of 152 rooms, resulting in a remarkable total of 55,793 rooms available as of August 2017. This extensive room capacity makes APA Hotels a reliable choice even during busy seasons. Furthermore, guests can opt for the complimentary APA Card Membership, which provides various additional services such as early check-in and discounts.

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3. Dormy Inn: Bathing and great food

Dormy Inn, a Japanese budget hotel chain, places significant importance on bathing and culinary experiences. Across its 67 locations in Japan, Dormy Inn offers natural hot spring public baths in 44 of them. Tokyo alone houses eight of these locations, with six of them featuring outdoor baths for added relaxation. The hotel chain takes pride in its breakfast, known as the &quo…

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