If you’re a powder hound, you might think winter is the best season in Japan. After all, the north island is renowned for some of the best powder snow in the world! And we can totally vouch for that.. However, Autumn is a close contender..

Here are 6 reasons why:

1.Experience the colourful leaves紅葉,kōyōof fall

As the temperature dips after a scorching summer, the green season fades into a pallet of vivid autumn hues. Momijigari (red leaf hunting) is just as popular as cherry blossom season in spring, drawing crowds throughout the country. Each year, the kōyō front (leaf changing colours) begins in northern Hokkaido in mid-September, and moves southward as the season progresses. Watching the scenery transform is a truly spectacular experience, and not to be missed!

Here’s our favourite spots in Hokkaido:

1. Mt Yotei
2. Lake Toya
3. Panorama Road
4. Noboribetsu Jigokudeani
5. Mount Asahidake

lake hangetsu
Lake Hangetsu- View through the trees. Photographer: Liam Larnach

­2. The best temperature for activities!

If you’ve ever spent a summer in Niseko, you’ll be no stranger to the phrase atsui desu ne (it’s hot isn’t it) stated several times a day. Before we make the obligatory shift into samui desu ne ( it’s cold isn’t it) season, we can enjoy the best time of the year for hiking, biking and trail-running.

Mt Yotei missions on an Autumn evening. Photographer: Tom Phillips

3. Ki no mikaku- the taste of Autumn
Traditionally, Japanese cuisine transforms with each season, and we think Autumn might be the most delicious. Our eyes are already witnessing the bold intensity of the Autumn display, and now our taste buds can do the same. Back are the comforting, hearty ‘fall flavours’ such as; the first harvest of rice (said to taste totally different from rice harvested year-round), sweet Nashi (Asian pear) and Kuri (Japanese chestnuts)- the ultimate autumn flavour!

Find out more Autumn Foods to savour here.

4. Rusutsu Harvest Festival

This month saw the 2nd Annual Rustusu Festival. A happy time, where we enjoyed a local farmers market, food trucks, live Jazz & more! It was the perfect opportunity to appreciate Hokkaido’s autumn flavours as we welcome the ‘season of appetite’.
We were very excited to see Mamacita (Niseko’s new Taco Food Truck) featuring, run by our very own Guest Services Manager Mel. It’s fair to say our tastebuds are still dancing from the occasion.

Left: Pozole. featuring Niseko Green Farms’s white corn! Right: Mamacita food truck. Photograpaher: Mamacita

5. Countdown to winter begins!
As the cooler weather creeps in, so does our excitement for winter!

During the pandemic, snow lovers worldwide have been resourceful and there’s anticipation for ski holidays to resume once again. We’ve all been impressed by the creativity during this down time. Here’s one of our favourite clips:

Travel videographer: Philipp Klein Herrero
We are keeping a positive outlook here at Rhythm Japan and although we still are unsure when the borders will open, we have our skies and poles crossed! We hope that everyone gets their powder fix soon. Which brings us to..
6. Pre book your rentals with Rhythm Japan & plan your next trip.

Autumn is the perfect season for planning your next ski trip! Thinking of joining us in Niseko, Furano or Hakuba? Get your stoke level rising and pre-book your rentals, without the worry- we offer 100% refund 7 days before your booking, guaranteed. Book here

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