We’ll be venturing outside the heart of Sapporo City, where local ramen experts will be recommending the must-visit shops for when you want a slurp of local Sapporo ramen!
To the Japanese, the flavor of ramen is close to their heart. Even in the alleys and streets that the locals' lives revolve around, you can taste the unique flavor and personality that gave rise to the renowned shops there.
The shops that we are recommending have measures in place to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

Shops that showcase the best of Sapporo ramen pop up all around town

Sapporo ramen is the soul food of the residents of Sapporo City. Even in the residential suburbs outside the city's heart, many famous shops boast passionate support from patrons.
The customer base consists of locals and ramen fans from all throughout Japan who gather here as well. The famous shops in the suburbs have branch shops in the city center as well, and they also participate in exhibitions and ramen events as well.
Sapporo ramen itself has even newly entered the trend as well. As recommended by ramen fans, we'll be introducing the famous shops from each district.

The ramen connoisseurs who will be making recommendations

Sugahara Kenichi
Sapporo Ramen Club Representative/FBS Representative Board Member
Profile: I run the Sapporo Ramen Club website, which aims to bring together lovers of Sapporo ramen from across Japan! I am also vice-chairmen of the Sapporo Ramen Taxi’s executive committee, and I love participating in all kinds of ramen events! I seek to spread the flavor of Hokkaido through the Teshikaga Ramen chain.

Tada Nobuyuki
Editor-in-chief of Sapporo Ramen 1000
Profile: Beginning with Hokkaido’s ramen magazine, Ramen 1000, I have published numerous books and magazines exploring the world of ramen. I was also involved in the planning of Hokkaido Subscription, a Sapporo ramen delivery service available nationwide (https://hokkaido-shopping.com/)

1. Arayaki Tonkotsu Araton Honten: Strong fish stock made from freshly caught saw-edged perch is its specialty

A seven-minute walk away from JR Sōen Station, which is one stop away from JR Sapporo Station. Lined with shops selling fresh fish and seafood produced in Hokkaido, along with fresh vegetables, fruit, and other food products, Sapporo Central Wholesale Market and Curb Market is popular amongst both locals and tourists for shopping and food.
In the building facing the parking lot is Arayaki Tonkotsu Araton Main Shop, famous for its tsukemen, or dipping noodles.
Our two ramen connoisseurs praise it as "being one of the spear headers of spreading tsukemen throughout Sapporo since it opened its doors." And its taste is unique, even a…

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