Summers in Japan are known for high temperatures, high humidity, and uncomfortable weather. And so far, summer 2022 has been hotter than usual. But don't worry – Shibuya Loft has you covered!
With lots of innovative, new trends to bring some relief to your muggy Japanese summers, here are some of the latest, attention-grabbing goods to help you chill out for summer 2022.

Beat the Heat with Popular Summer Goods from Shibuya Loft

Look for the colorful gears at the entrance!

Loft is a shop specializing in miscellaneous daily goods that are popular in Japan, including stationery, character goods, cosmetics, kitchen wares, and interior items.
Today we visit Shibuya Loft, the flagship store just a 5-minute walk from Shibuya Station. With seven floors and about 80,000 goods to choose from, Shibuya Loft is a hub for Japanese trends that always has the latest items on hand.

To prevent coronavirus infection, the entrance and exit are separated in a one-way direction, with a temperature checker and alcohol disinfectant at the entrance.

As a measure against Covid-19, entrance and exit doors are separate, and thermometers and hand sanitizer is available at the entrance.
Koyumi Yokokawa of Loft's Public Relations Office walks us through Shibuya Loft's latest summer items to help you beat the heat.
"Many people are spending more time at home now, so home goods are gaining popularity. Innovative and functional items, such as handy fans and eco-friendly goods that don't require charging, are also selling well," says Yokokawa in regards to 2022's popular items.

1. Tempo Breeze: Fan + Plate Hybrid Neck Fan (8,778 yen)

Find the latest small fans in the special corner on the first floor

Tempo Breeze is a convenient, hands-free neck-mounted fan. The stylish design features a curved shape that comfortably fits around the neck. With three speed settings, this fan helps you keep your cool, no matter where you are!

Another feature is the neck plate, which uses thermoelectric cooling for maximum comfort. Once you switch on the power, you'll feel its cooling effects on your skin right away. It also includes a warm setting, making it a must-have for any season. You may also want to use the warming option during the summer if the AC is too cold!
According to Yokokawa, the warm setting is also good for loosening up a stiff neck. She says, "Japan also boasts an amazing assortment of relaxation goods."

2. Kakigori Bath Salts: For a Cool and Refreshing Bath Time! (198 yen)

Bath salts are located on 2F

Baths are an important part of Japanese culture, even during the hot summer months. In recent years, due to changes in work habits brought on by Covid-19 and prolonged hours spent on our phones and at the computer, more people are turning to baths as a means to relieve stress and fatigue, even in the summer.
For these cases, we recommend Kakigori Bath Salts (55g). Ingredients include menthol and peppermint oil…

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