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Aizukogen Daikura Ski Resort: Where Snow-Loving Cosplayers Go To Swagger Their Style!

In Japan, the birthplace of manga and anime pop culture, many people enjoy cosplay. Among the many fun cosplay events held in Japan each year, where people dress up as characters from their favorite series, perhaps one of the most fun ones is the "Daikura de Cosplay," held at Aizukōgen Daikura Ski Resort.
Wait – Cosplaying at one of northeastern Japan's celebrated ski resorts? Let's take a look at how things are like on the ground!

What kind of place is Aizukogen Daikura Ski Resort?

Aizukogen Daikura Ski Resort is in the Minamiaizu area of Fukushima Prefecture, which is at the southern side of the Tohoku region. It is well-known even in the Tohoku area for its deep snow.
With excellent snow conditions and high-quality powder snow, skiers from throughout Japan and all over the world gather here. Peak season typically starts around mid- to late-December. As you can enjoy yourself here until the end of March, February is the best time to visit.

Aizukogen Daikura Ski Resort has 11 ski courses available, with the longest being over 2,000 meters long. From the gently inclined "Beginners' Course" to the "Komatodome-one Course" with a course layout filled with sudden turns and surprises, there are a large variety of courses available.
Besides these, the "Free Ride Park" is outfitted with kickers, a type of platform for doing jumps, as well as down rails, and the "Daichan Park" for children has various types of play equipment for children to enjoy. Regardless of your age or skiing experience, you'll be sure to have fun at Aizukogen Daikura Ski Resort.
From September every year, reservations and sales for the "Early Bird Season Pass", which has discount services for ski lifts and food items, begins. There are many people who make their reservations the moment it begins.
You can get an idea of just how popular Aizukogen Daikura Ski Resort is from this. After registering for the tickets, they are sent via email or post. Payment is made on the day itself.

How do you get to Aizukogen Daikura Ski Resort?

When heading from Tokyo Station via the JR line, you'll have to transfer trains. First, take the Tohoku Shinkansen for about one hour and twenty minutes from Tokyo Station, and alight at Koriyama Station. Change onto the JR Ban-Etsusai line, and take the train for an hour and ten minutes to Aizu-Wakamatsu Station. From Aizu-Wakamatsu Station, take the express train on the Aizu Line operated by the Aizu Railway for one hour and ten minutes, and the nearest station to ali…

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