With some looking for some less crowded, out-of-the-way places to visit during Covid-19, the Tohoku region has become the focus of attention.
Japan's Tohoku Region, with its hot springs, historical sights, and gorgeous natural scenery, is a superb place to visit, and you'll soon see why. Winter is an especially great time to relax and see Japan's famous snowy landscapes.
For this 3-day Aomori travel itinerary, our editors will introduce some of the prefecture's best out-of-the-way scenic spots, including the impressive Takayama Inari Shrine and its 200 torii gates.

Off to Takayama Inari Shrine – One of Aomori's breathtaking 'power spots'

After getting tickets at Tokyo Station, our editors set out for the beautiful Takayama Inari Shrine with its thousand torii gates in Tsugaru City, Aomori Prefecture.
Takayama Inari Shrine is a beloved local shrine located in Tsugaru City on the Sea of Japan side of Aomori Prefecture. Here, the deity Inari is enshrined and is believed to bring good harvests, safe seagoing, and prosperous business.
For many visitors to Takayama Inari Shrine, the highlight is a series of around 200 torii gates. It is said to be the most mystical place in Aomori, and is also called the prefecture's best 'power spot.'
With that said, let's head to Takayama Inari Shrine in Tsugaru City, Aomori, and check out its beautiful Senbon Torii gates!
Getting there
1. Tokyo Station → Shin-Aomori Station (about 3.5 hours by Shinkansen)
2. Shin-Aomori Station → Goshogawara Station (around 1 hour via the JR Ou Line and JR Limited Express Resort Shirakami)
3. Goshogawara Station → Takayama-Jinja-Guchi (Takayama Shrine Entrance) bus stop (about 1 hour via the Konan Bus)
4. Walk (about 40 minutes) or take a taxi (about 5 minutes) to Takayama Inari Shrine
JR transportation cost
・Normal fare: 19,120 yen one-way; 38,240 yen round-trip
If you are planning to travel around the Tohoku area, we recommend using JR EAST PASS (Tohoku area), a pass available to foreign visitors and foreign residents in Japan. It allows unlimited rides on the Shinkansen, limited express trains and local trains for 5 consecutive days at a discount!

Buy online: JR East Tohoku Area Pass (5 Days)

We rode the Resort Shirakami Line from Hirosaki Station

JR Goshogawara Station

The Takayama-jinja-guchi bus stop. If there's no traffic, you may want to take a taxi. In that case, you can call a taxi at the bus stop.

Takayama Inari Shrine and its gorgeous torii gates are a masterpiece!

40 minutes away from the bus stop on foot, just off the road, stands a gigantic torii gate! This is Takayama Inari Shrine. From here, we head to the Senbon Torii.
Takayama Inari Shrine is located on the Sea of Japan side of Aomori, a beloved shrine of the Tsugaru locals. It enshri…

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