While Hokkaido's Niseko Village is usually known for its snow and skiing in the winter, it’s time to make way for summer memories with sunshine and zip lines at Niseko Hanazono’s newest attraction.
HANAZONO ZIP WORLD has opened for summer 2022, and one of their three zip line courses is the longest in the entirety of Asia. Let’s take a look at what to expect at the resort’s latest summer activity.
Main image: Rendered image of expected completion. ©Nihon Harmony Resorts KK

What to expect at HANAZONO ZIP WORLD

The “mega zipline” at HANAZONO ZIP WORLD opened July 1, 2022, in Hanazono Niseko Resort. It was designed and constructed by Skyline Zipline Japan, part of Canada’s Skyline Zipline company, and will give you incredible views of the surrounding mountains.
Talking about the HANAZONO ZIP WORLD, Skyline Zipline mentioned that many people that have tried skydiving or bungee jumping feel that their world view has changed, but not everyone is able to experience such an extreme activity. But with HANAZONO ZIP WORLD, in a milder and more accessible environment, they said they “hope that many people will come to make their dream of flying a reality.”

The winter HANAZONO Lift no.1 will operate as a summer gondola, moving from the top station to the Green Line. Image source: PR Times

HANAZONO ZIP WORLD consists of three different zip lines, the Green, Red, and Black Diamond Superfly courses. The Black Diamond Superfly line is the longest mega zipline in Asia, with a maximum speed of an insane 110km/h (68mph).
The Green line is 427m long, the Red 464m, and the Black Diamond Superfly is an impressive 1,700m. After taking on the Green and Red courses, you’ll be raring to go and try out the longest, fastest course!

Illustration of completed HANAZONO ZIP WORLD. ©Nihon Harmony Resorts KK

Another fun feature of the resort attraction is their dual zip line, which allows you to race down the mountain side by side with a friend or family member while taking in the stunning views. That’s definitely not a vacation memory you’ll soon forget!
Of course, the zipline courses take safety measures very seriously, too, and implements the skyTECH Safe Launch system which includes multiple mechanical, visual, and electronic safety protocols. The courses are up to the Association of Challenge Course Technology's international safety standard, and promises world-class safety, so you can soar through the air with peace of mind.

When and where

HANAZONO ZIP WORLD is due to operate from July 1 to October 10, 2022, making use of the slopes in the sunny months of summer.
The “trial package” (トライアルパッケージ), consisting of the Green and Red courses only, is 7,000 yen for adults, and 5,600 yen for children. The full package…

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