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Astonishingly HUGE Una-Don! Where to Savor Towering ‘Eel & Egg Bowls’ in Osaka

Una-don is a popular dish in Japan, made of grilled eel glazed in a sweet, spicy teriyaki-like sauce served on a bed of rice.
At Izumo, an eel and skewer restaurant in the basement of Umeda, Osaka’s LUCUA mall, the “Don! Towering Eel & Egg Bowl ‘Unatama-don'” is very popular. With a serving of rice four times the usual size, it’s not only a topic of conversation but also a real challenge just to carry!
I ordered it to see how it tasted and wondered, “It is actually possible to finish an oversized 1kg eel rice bowl?”

Izumo – casual eel dining

Directly connected to JR Osaka Station and located in the basement to the left of the central ticket gates, the restaurants in the B2F of LUCUA embody Osaka and Umeda.
The area is divided into Barchika, where you can enjoy food and alcohol, and Food Hall, which combines a market and restaurants, each offering a wide variety of delicious Osaka cuisine. Izumo is situated between the two and boasts excellent eel and skewer dishes.

Eel is closely connected to Japanese food culture. It is considered a somewhat unique fish to the Japanese, as demonstrated by the custom of eating eel on “Doyo-no Ushi-no Hi,” or the “Day of the Ox,” during the hot and humid summer months to boost stamina.
Due to its high price, eel is also seen as a luxury dish to be enjoyed on special occasions, rather than something eaten every day.
Izumo was founded with the hope that people could enjoy eel more casually along with sake.

The atmosphere in the restaurant is attractive, with a floorplan centering on a counter where diners can enjoy the lively atmosphere. There are also several tables for four around the counter, so even larger parties will be comfortable. As soon as you enter, you’ll be greeted with a loud but pleasant “Welcome!” from the staff.

Plump, fragrant grilled eel is the specialty!

The kitchen grilling area

Izumo’s eel has a reputation for being just as delicious as those caught in the wild, and the restaurant maintains high quality standards.

In addition to two Izumo restaurants in Osaka, there are also branches in Ikebukuro, Tokyo and Nagoya, Aichi, each of which serves freshly grilled eel. The eel is coated with a secret sauce and grilled and turned three times to give it its savory flavor.

The key is to brush on the sweet, spicy sauce made from soy sauce, sugar, and other ingredients, and then grill the fish to remove excess grease. The skin is grilled thoroughly and becomes crispy as its moisture evaporates, creating an exquisite texture combination of tender meat and crispy skin.

There’s just one word for it: amazing!

So when my order of “Una…

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