Kyoto is one of the most popular cities to visit for tourists in Japan. Some of Kyoto's biggest attractions are the many shrines and temples that have carried on the culture and history of Japan since ancient times. Kyoto also has many unique hands-on experiences, including hand-dyeing, pottery, and crafting Japanese sweets, chopsticks, and even scented sachets. Here are 10 things unique to summertime Kyoto that any visitor will enjoy, from sightseeing, to food, to cultural experiences.

1. Walk Around Kyoto Wearing Geta and Yukata

If you want to blend in with Kyoto's gorgeous scenery and dive head-first into tradition, then you'll want to try wearing a kimono. It's not uncommon to see maiko wearing kimono as you stroll around Gion. The beauty and elegance of the kimono has become symbolic of Kyoto's uniqueness, and has long been alluring to visitors from abroad.
Why not plan a walk around Kyoto wearing a kimono or yukata yourself? In the summer, you will want to choose a yukata. There are many kimono and yukata rental shops in Kyoto. Not only can you wear kimono and yukata, but you can also rent geta wooden sandals, and a fan to relieve you from the heat.

2. Ride A Horse-drawn Carriage Along the Hozu River

Kyoto is a basin surrounded by mountains. Because the winds cannot pass through, summertime can get pretty hot. Because of this, along with being a big city like Tokyo and Osaka, Kyoto is widely known for its harsh summers, high temperatures, and humidity. This is called the heat island phenomenon.
Despite these infamously hot summers, you will find the idyllic landscapes of the suburbs much easier to spend your time in. In the suburbs of Kyoto, horse-drawn carriages run along the lush green Hozu River, from Torokko Kameoka Station to the Hozugawa River Tour Departure Point.
Because the carriage route runs along the river, you will enjoy an occasional cool breeze tickling your cheeks. You may even catch the aroma of flowers being carried by the wind.

3. If You're Physically Fit… Rent A Bicycle!

If you are confident enough in your physical strength to withstand the summer heat, why not rent a bicycle? A bicycle makes it easy to travel around Kyoto and visit the shrines and souvenir shops as you like.
It's a 30-minute bike ride from Hashidate Bay Hotel bicycle rental to Amano-hashidate, which is one of the top three scenic spots of Japan. Nearly 8,000 pine trees grow along the long, sandy beach. Cool yourself down with a refreshing ride through the trees.
If you're not as confident in your physical capabilities to bike in the summer, electric bicycl…

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