Kyoto is a popular sightseeing spot amongst overseas visitors and Japanese tourists alike. In fall, the time when the colors of the leaves change to reds and yellows is as popular as the cherry blossom around the streets during springtime. Arashimaya is set aflame with color, and Nanzenji Temple is the place to enjoy the brightly colored maple and cedar trees. In Okazaki, there are many cultural institutions and temples, and plenty of spots to catch autumn leaves.
Alongside its exclusive fall cuisine, the autumn leaf period in Kyoto is a fantastic time to visit. The best places to spot autumn leaves tend to be crowded, so we’ve picked three of the best hotels to avoid the crowds and enjoy the foliage from the comfort of your own room, each one steeped in history.

1. Yamashina Genhouin (Okazaki): Appreciate the autumn leaves from the comfort of your own private garden

The exquisite front entrance

Yamashina Genhouin is located in the east of Kyoto, in Okazaki – about 20 minutes by taxi from Kyoto Station.
Built by Prince Yamashina in 1920, this Japanese-style hotel holds a distinguished history. Via the exquisite demeanor, visitors can catch an insight into the old noble family’s life. Through extraordinary features throughout, guests can even feel the modern, timeless quality of the building.
The hotel comprises four rooms: out of the recently renovated tearoom is the Shingetsu-an, from the Emon room, guests can step straight into the garden; next is the large Kagura-yama room and lastly is the Hihaku room, from which it is possible to see Higashiyama and the garden. All four rooms are built inside the Japanese garden, so the autumn leaves can be enjoyed from every room.
Standing alone, the Shingetsu-an room is our recommendation for those wanting a place to enjoy Kyoto’s autumn leaves to their heart's content. Separate from the other rooms, Shingetsu-an even has its own private garden. A truly private place where it is possible to appreciate the foliage to your heart's content.

The private garden in Shingetsu-an

The bedroom in Shingetsu-an

The living room in Shingetsu-an

In Kyoto, the autumn leaves gradually change around mid-November and are viewable until the start of December. The garden is a magnificent sight all year round, giving visitors the chance to experience all four of Japan’s seasons. As well as the autumn leaves in the fall, plum blossoms and cherry blossoms are viewable in the spring.

The view from the private room, Hosho

The hotel has free wifi and there are English-speaking staff. Credit cards and UnionPay are accepted so guests will be able to fully relax whilst enjoying the venerable atmosphere.
There are also regular events relating to traditional Japanese culture, such as K…

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