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Beauty Journalist Shares All About ‘Aojiru’ – Japan’s Popular Health Drink

Japan boasts a variety of traditional beverages renowned for their health benefits for centuries. One such gem is aojiru, a bitter yet refreshing drink that embodies the adage, “Good medicine has a bitter taste.”

This health drink holds a cultural significance that Japan eagerly aims to spread worldwide. In recent times, the bitterness of aojiru has undergone a transformation, evolving into a more palatable and refreshing elixir. A range of products has also emerged, more tailored to the tastes of young women seeking its beauty-enhancing properties.

In this article, our author, a seasoned beauty journalist well-versed in the realm of Japanese beauty and healthcare products, delves into the world of aojiru, explaining its basics, benefits, and diverse variations. She will also introduce several long-selling products, as well as some hot and trending brands.

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What is Aojiru?

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Aojiru, in essence, refers to the juice extracted from an assortment of green and yellow vegetables. The drink itself is typically consumed by dissolving the powder from these dried vegetables in liquid.

One theory traces the origins of aojiru back to the Heian Period (794-1185). The oldest medical book in Japan documents a method of juicing the leaves of a specific plant and drinking it. This account is believed to explain the origin of Japan’s aojiru.

In more recent times, during periods of food scarcity brought about by war, kale was used as the primary vegetable for the creation of aojiru, leading to the advent of the health drink as we know it today.

The Benefits of Aojiru

Aojiru is more of a nutritional food supplement rather than a medicinal remedy. It is similar to vegetable juice. Therefore, rather than medical efficacy, its benefits lie in the regular consumption of aojiru daily to maintain a healthy nutritional balance and overall well-being.

The typical ingredients of aojiru are highly-nutritious kale, young barley leaves, and ashitaba leaves. Consequently, this nutrient-rich elixir is brimming with nutrients such as dietary fiber, vitamins, potassium, and minerals.

In broad terms, some benefits one can expect from regular consumption of aojiru include preventing high blood pressure and arteriosclerosis, a boosted immune system, relief from constipation, and beatification effects such as anti-aging properties and radiant skin.

The Significance of Aojiru in Japan

Aojiru plays a significant role in general health maintenance amongst the Japanese population. In a survey conducted by Voice Note in March 2022 on 1,452 …

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