Japanese beef, known as wagyu, is renowned for its perfect marbling, soft texture, and melt-in-your-mouth fat. From grilling each piece yourself at a yakiniku restaurant in Kyoto, or relishing a steak in a full-course set, there are numerous ways to enjoy this unique Japanese delicacy.
This time we’re going to introduce 3 shops for yakiniku in Kyoto. All are located near popular Kyoto attractions, making it easy to drop in while sightseeing! With tranquil Japanese aesthetics, relaxed and friendly atmospheres, and careful anti-COVID 19 measures, these establishments adored by locals and visitors alike!

1. Kyou Yakiniku Kikyou – The Softest Cuts in Kyoto!

When you want to enjoy yakiniku in Kyoto, this is the spot. The wagyu served at Kyou Yakiniku Kikyou is carefully sourced by the head chef and owner, who, with decades of experience under his belt, can pick out the softest cuts just by looking at them! Naturally, all meat is from the highest-ranked A4 and A5 cows from across Japan.
This ranking system consists of two parts, a letter and a number. The letter, which runs from A to C, indicates how much meat was taken from the cow, with A being the most. The number indicates the quality of the meat, with 1 being poor and 5 being excellent. The meat at Kyou Yakiniku is always 4 or 5, so you know you’re getting the good stuff!
Kyou Yakiniku also uses the meat of 22 to 32-month-old female calves, which are renowned for being soft and supple. The fat's melting point is low and will begin to change as soon as you put it in your mouth!

This meat is all carefully examined by the expert head chef.

The meat is sourced from Japanese Blacks ranking 4 or higher born and raised in places like the celebrated Miyazaki Prefecture. They also pride themselves on their rich and juicy Kobe Takami beef, whose ancestry hails from the Tajima region, the birthplace of wagyu itself.
In order to preserve the unique characteristics, each piece is delicately hand-cut for every order.
They also provide a delightful tare sauce to complement your meat!

If you're unsure of what to order, 'The Daily 7 Tasting Assortment' (2,550 yen + tax), is your best bet. With rare cuts aplenty, the meat is prepared from the day's most premium selection. This set highlights the differences in flavor and texture between cuts, making it an ideal starting point for wagyu first-timers!

Their most famous dish is the 'Kikyou Oroshi' (1,150 yen + tax). Prepared shabu-shabu style, each piece is thinly sliced and passed through a flame. After being seared, the meat is seasoned with…

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