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‘Big Face?!’ Americans Share About Their Quirky Experiences in Japan

In Japan, we often gain insights into the personalities of Americans through movies and TV shows, observing their tendencies to openly express emotions and value individual rights. But have you ever wondered how Americans perceive us from their point of view?

To shed light on this perspective, we conducted several interviews with Americans who have visited Japan, and we have compiled their responses to highlight the aspects that surprised them the most. Please note that the following reflections solely represent the opinions of those interviewed.

Izakaya are the best! Everyone is so full of energy!

“The izakaya experience is truly wonderful! The food is delicious, the prices are affordable, and what impressed me the most was the cheerful and helpful staff. One incident that took me by surprise was when I returned to my table from the bathroom and was presented with a hand towel. While it’s not uncommon in high-end restaurants in the US, it’s not something you typically encounter at pubs.”

This American man, who has been in Japan for five years, found the izakaya to be the most remarkable place. While good service is important everywhere, it seems to reach another level in Japan!

“Sometimes it can get quite lively and noisy (laughs). Particularly when they shout ‘Welcome!’ and everyone else echoes it. Initially, it was unfamiliar to me, but now I actually enjoy it.”

This vibrant atmosphere is at the heart of an izakaya. If you’re not accustomed to it, it may catch you off guard, but you’ll quickly develop an affinity for it!

Dining out is such high quality! Everything is delicious!

“Japan sets incredibly high standards for food in general. No matter where you go, the quality of the food is exceptional. You can indulge in delicious dishes from various cuisines around the world. Japanese people truly embrace their remarkable food culture! Let me give you an example: When I was in the United States, I found it difficult to find satisfying Indian food. However, Japanese Indian food feels authentic and tastes absolutely delightful! I believe Japanese cuisine is characterized by its delicacy, and the chefs infuse a lot of love into their creations. As for American cuisine, to be honest, I don’t have high expectations when dining out (laughs). Can you imagine even Chinese food in New York being something you’d rather avoid (laughs)?”

This American man, who has been living in Japan for three years, exhibits a strong enthusiasm for exploring the culinary scene. It appears that even individuals…

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