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But Japanese People Are Supposed to Be Shy?! Foreigners Reveal 6 Things They Love About Summers in Japan

Warm and humid, the summers in Japan can be too much for many to handle at times. But summer also boasts a multitude of fun experiences that you cannot have outside of that season. So what do foreigners in Japan look forward to in summer?
To find out, I conducted interviews to hear more about what foreigners like about summer in Japan, especially with regard to food and events. (The responses below are the respondents' personal opinions; this piece is written by a Japanese national.)

Experiencing the True Japanese Spirit at Summer Festivals

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“Japanese festivals! They are where you can experience the real, authentic Japan and are very impressive!” (French man in his 30s)
“I’m not used to the heat and would rather not go out, but I want to go to festivals!” (American woman in her 20s)
“Definitely the festivals! The atmosphere is great and unique, but what’s interesting is the way the Japanese people are all making merry even though they are usually reserved” (American man in his 20s)
“Festivals are really exciting, especially taiko (Japanese drums). It’s really something watching the members all gather to perform!” (Mexican woman in her 30s)
Summer festivals came out on top as a favourite. It seems that the festivals owe their overwhelming popularity to the fact that they offer foreigners a unique cultural experience different from home. Since there are many festivals held over summer, from small regional ones to large-scale ones like Japan’s three biggest festivals, they are now often thought to be an indispensable characteristic of Japanese summers.
Because festivals reflect the local culture and history, they pique the interest of Japanese people too. Thus, it is no surprise that festivals feel uniquely appealing to foreigners. Moreover, since it is rare to see the typically quiet and unexpressive Japanese people let loose and bustle about, festivals are where you can experience this sense of liberation for yourself and see a different side of Japanese people!

Annual Japanese Festivals & Events: See Fireworks, Enjoy Traditional Dances & More

Everyone Looks Fashionable and Cute Dressed Up in the Yukata

“Japanese girls look absolutely adorable in their beautiful yukata with their hair styled! I want to wear a yukata to a festival too!” (American woman in her 20s)
“Going out in a yukata. Watching the fireworks while dressed up in a yukata is something I had always longed to do!” (Indonesian woman in her 20s)
Extremely popular among the women was the yukata, a traditional Japanese costume that is frequently worn in the summer, especially at festivals. One respondent even revealed that she always dreamed of putting on a yukata in J…

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