Looking for a place to relax and enjoy yourself away from crowds? Camping in Hokkaido is the answer!
Spending a night outdoors is a great way to enjoy nature in Hokkaido, where mesmerizing lakes and starry night skies are the norm. There are plenty of campsites on the island prefecture, some of which come with facilities to help those who may be new to camping enjoy this activity too!
Check out these five Hokkaido campsites with exciting features and see if any one of them appeals to your adventurous side. We'll also be sharing some useful information about campervan rentals for those who are keen to try out camping on the move!

1. Toyamizubenosato Takarada Campground (Toyako Town): Get your own private campsite!

Campervan site

Toyamizubenosato Takarada Campground is located next to Lake Toya, the third-largest caldera lake in Japan. It is equipped with plenty of private camping spaces.
Although you won't be able to see the lake directly from the campsite, there's a hiking trail in the vicinity – the Takarada Nature Observation Trail – where you can go for that.


Takarada has five main types of campsites and cabins. There's a campervan site, private sites A and B, an open site, and finally, a free site.
Our recommendation is one of the private sites. Each site has clearly segmented camping areas so that everyone knows which part of the site belongs to them. These segments vary in size and shape depending on whether they are in the A or B zone.
Also, every private site has enough space beside it for a car to be parked, making it very convenient for families and groups. Advanced booking is required for all campsites and cabins, except the free site.
You can set up camp on the free site as long as there is space available, but those who made reservations will be given priority, so why risk it? Book a spot in advance if you're definitely planning on going!

Private site A

Clean water and related facilities are natural concerns during a camping trip. Takarada Camping Ground has a cooking area with drinking water, so rest assured that any food you prepare with the water here will be safe for consumption!

Cooking area

Hygiene is likely another concern, but the camping ground has this aspect covered as well. A few of the toilets here come with an auto-cleaning function, and taps will automatically dispense water when their movement sensor is activated, reducing the need to touch shared surfaces unnecessarily.
It takes about an hour and 45 minutes to reach Takarada Camping Ground by car from New Chitose Airport. You'll be given an English gu…

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