In 2022, the trails reaching the top of Mt. Fuji officially open from July 1 to September 10.
The hike should not be underestimated and good preparation both for the trip and against Covid-19 will help make your trip up the mountain a safe and memorable one.

Mt. Fuji 2022 Climbing Season Dates

According to the official Mt. Fuji Climbing website, dates for the 2022 season are:
1. Yoshida Route: July 1 – September 10 (Descending trail will be open until the morning of September 11)
2. Subashiri Route: July 10 to September 10
3. Gotemba Route: July 10 to September 10
4. Fujinomiya Route: July 10 – September 10 (Trail between 5th and 6th station: open from July 1)

What Things to Bring to Climb Mt. Fuji

Preparing items to bring based on how experienced a climber you are is highly recommended.
Depending on your level of hiking expertise, you should make sure to bring items that are essential to complete your hike.
Climbing boots, a knapsack, rain gear, cold-weather gear, and spats will definitely assist in your hike. If you are climbing during the night, reflective clothing and headlamps will keep you from fumbling in the dark.
Although there are huts that provide snacks and drinks intermittently, it is best to bring your own snacks and water for times when you are between stations.
Please create a Mt. Fuji checklist beforehand to see if you have all of the following:
☑ Shoes: Mountain climbing shoes, hiking boots
☑ Rainwear: Waterproof jackets
☑ Clothes: Bottoms: Hiking pants and thermal underwear; Tops: Shirts, warm undershirt, flannels, fleeces, sweaters, and down jackets that you can layer.
☑ Lights: Headlamps or head torches.
☑ Water: Around 2 liters.
☑ Light Meals: Anything portable (sandwiches, onigiri, snack bars).
☑ Trash Bags: Prepare a trash bag that you can bring back with you.
☑ Money: Most lodges do not accept credit cards, so it’s best to have some cash at hand – in 1,000 yen bills as well as larger values. (20,000 yen should well cover the journey, including meals.) Be sure to bring 100 yen coins, as they are needed to use the bathroom.
☑ Other: A backpack, a hat, a map, sunglasses, sunscreen, medkit, towel, ID, insurance card (if you have one), masks, hand sanitizer, trekking poles(*You can purchase a walking stick if you wish to collect a series of seal stamps during your ascent.)
Plan your route
There are four main climbing trails for Mount Fuji: the Yoshida Trail, the Subashiri Trail, the Gotemba Trail, and the Fujinomiya Trail. You can learn more about each at the link below.

Climbing Mount Fuji for Beginners: Trails, Preparation and Access!

Weather Conditions on Mount Fuji: What to Expect


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