Japanese stationery has become one of the most famous Japanese souvenirs, along with sweets, snacks, and cosmetics. Thanks to their excellent quality, longevity, and attractive design, these products have even developed a cult-like following overseas. And whether you're a fan or just looking for something cool and practical, Japanese stationery items make the perfect gifts or suitcase stuffers.
We sat down with the staff at Daimaru Fujii Central, a giant shop specializing in Japanese stationery that's in Sapporo, to find out some of their best-sellers and what they recommend for visitors!

Stationery specialty shop Daimaru Fujii Central: Largest selection of products in Hokkaido!

Daimaru Fujii Daimaru Fujii Central, located in the heart of Sapporo, is a specialty store with about 200,000 Japanese stationery items, miscellaneous goods, and Japanese art supplies. Here you'll find a wide variety of products, from character stationery to high-end fountain pens and leather products, all of which are popular with people of all ages. There is also a large selection of high-quality products made in Japan, making it a popular destination for foreign visitors.
Daimaru Fujii Central got its start in 1893 when the founder, Mr. Senzo Fujii, started selling paper in Sapporo. In 1947, a new shop was built and repurposed as a large stationery store having the first gallery in Hokkaido, making it popular not only with artists and art enthusiasts but also local residents, too.

The building was repeatedly expanded and renovated to increase the sales floor area to meet the needs of a broad range of customers. The store, as it currently appears, dates from 1989.

Find a Made in Japan item for the perfect gift!

Feel free to ask the sales staff at Daimaru Fujii Central to recommend items that would be suitable for family, that special person in your life, and friends. All items made in Japan are of the highest quality! If you look carefully, you'll notice that some of the things are only available at Daimaru Fuji Central!

1. Masking Tape: Various uses! Wide selection in various colors and designs

The first basement level showcases over 1,000 different kinds of masking tape! Everything from simple, plain tape to stylish ones having printed patterns can be found here. There are so many different types that you'll likely end up wanting to get several different styles for yourself. According to the staff, there is no other shop in Hokkaido offering such a large selection of masking tape.

This wide selection of masking tape allows for all sorts of different uses. We asked the sales staff about different ways it can be used. They told us how to select tape according to its intended use.

What do you think this clerk is holding? Read on and you’ll soon find out!

"The unique features of masking tape are it being 'peelable,' 'it can be written on,' and it can be 'torn by hand.' It can be used to de…

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