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Day Trip to Lake Towada – Japan’s Gorgeous Northern ‘Power Spot’ Destination

Lake Towada is one of the leading tourist destinations in Japan’s Tohoku region. Found in Aomori Prefecture, this beautiful, mysterious lake boasts magnificent, natural scenery that changes with the seasons, and you can experience it all up close with a relaxing ride on a pleasure boat.

There are many attractions to see, including a restaurant that serves the local fish, himemasu (kokanee salmon), and power spots like Towada Shrine that’s surrounded by Japanese cedars. Today we will introduce the Lake Towada sightseeing course, perfect for a day trip!

All About Lake Towada: When is the Best Time for Sightseeing?

Lake Towada’s summer scenery features beautiful mountains and the vast, blue sky, reflected on the lake

Lake Towada is situated between Towada City in southern Aomori Prefecture and Kosaka in Akita Prefecture.

It is designated under the Special Historic Sites, Places of Scenic Beauty, and Natural Monuments as “Lake Towada and Oirase Gorge.” The double caldera lake formed by volcanic activity has an area of about 60 square kilometers, a lake circumference of about 46 km, and a depth of about 327 m, making it the third deepest lake in Japan.

August is a popular season, but it also draws many visitors in the early summer and fall. Tourists come from all over the country (and the world!) to see the sights and the city.

Autumn Foliage at Lake Towada (Photo courtesy of Lake Towada Pleasure Boat)

Getting to Lake Towada

To get to Lake Towada, you can take the shuttle bus from Aomori Airport to JR Aomori Station, then transfer to the JR Bus Tohoku Mizuumi (about a 3-hour trip). If coming from Tokyo by Shinkansen, get off at JR Hachinohe Station and take the JR Bus Tohoku Oirase (about 2 hours).

Lake Towada may be a treasure trove of natural scenery, but another one of its attractions is how easily accessible it is from major stations!

Lake Towada may be vast, yet there are many sightseeing spots you can get to on foot – no car required! But, first, let’s enjoy a lake excursion by pleasure boat to experience its beauty up close.

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Lake Towada Pleasure Boat Excursion

The Lake Towada Pleasure Boat accommodates up to 704 people!

A ride on Lake Towada’s Pleasure Boat B-Course takes about 50 minutes round trip, departing from the rest house and circling the lake. There’s also a one-way ride (A-Course) that takes you to the Oirase Gorge entrance, Nenokuchi.

Today we took the A-course. We purchased our tickets at the ticket office (Adult ticket: 1,430 yen, tax included) and boarded the boat right away. Thorough methods against COVID-19 are taken on board, including pre-boarding temperature checks, face mask requirements, enforcement of social distancing, and regular disinfection.

The 2nd floor seats are great to sit and enjoy the view!

The boat has three stories: the deck, a second floor with indoor seating, and the top floo…

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