Sarushima is the only uninhabited island in Tokyo Bay. The beautiful natural island is perhaps best known for this sight: A long wooden pathway wedged between brick walls that are covered with moss and tall trees stretching toward the sky. At the end of the path is a dark and mysterious-looking tunnel tucked surreptitiously away in the island's luxuriant forest.
While the scene is certainly photogenic enough for social media likes – and that's what many people go there for – you can also consider visiting the island simply to enjoy the sights of a bygone world and experience walking through historic buildings and artifacts that had been built for wartime use.
As exotic as the idea of exploring ruins surrounded by dense shrubbery sounds, the island is surprisingly accessible, being located quite near the bay coast. Taking a day trip here from Tokyo or Yokohama is very doable and highly recommended!
Does this island live up to its rumored mystique? This LIVE JAPAN writer from Taiwan scouted the place out and brought back stories, photo spots, transportation methods, and other things of note for all you readers interested in taking a look on your next visit to the area!

Where and what is Sarushima?

Check out the amazing view of the island from the sea!

As mentioned at the outset, Sarushima – which literally means "Monkey Island" – is a 0.055 square kilometers (0.021 square miles) natural island located off the coast of Tokyo Bay in Kanagawa's Yokosuka City. That's about the size of 10 and a half American football fields, which is pretty tiny as far as islands go!
Don't be fooled by its diminutive size, though. Sarushima is chock-full of delights to be discovered. After basking in the sights and sounds of the island's trademark ruins, relax and enjoy a bite in one of the island's eateries or grill up a storm in a BBQ pit (reservation required for rental equipment if you don't want to lug yours around!).
And don't forget about the Sarushima guided adventure tour! Here's a small bit of trivia: There are, in fact, no monkeys on Monkey Island. Sarushima's name came from an old legend that speaks of a large white monkey that guided a monk to a safe shelter after his ship drifted ashore on the island in a storm.

How to go to Sarushima

Ticket bought! Island adventure sought!

Find your way to Yokosuka Chuo Station on the Keikyu Line and walk for about 15 minutes from the station to Mikasa Terminal. Once there, purchase a ticket to the ferry that will take you to the island (no reservation required).
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